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Perry johnson. That's very okay. This probably cost fifteen bucks amazon going to fill it with some pennies bam. Birds are like. I'm not going. There's a frigging hawk there. You think i'm going to sit there and solves that got is your pro tip from zakharova. You can't believe it works. Yeah dental putting a little thin we can use. If we don't put on some music in the to sound but we we like. Oh man i don't know get on. What have you learn the melody from From the song for you for casey's entrance music no jerk sorry you gotta put that down though. I need you to put it down so you don't put it down down. Why don't you call. I can't sing lakes onto call a free. hardly poof no okay no. We probably used are one favorites. Charlie's got the hottest freaking podcast opening song in the history of podcast opening songs. You on what charley's song on the radio. He's charlotte's huge. You have had a new single bop into and sometimes just hits one on serious okay and you get all that libya rodriguez. He's all over the place to elitebook. She's all over the place to the baby saved her. I'm sorry it was. Her music was straight euro club scene. Type stuff duleep a with the baby and then baby guess on it and now all of a sudden she got urban hits in my opinion dan. I know you like that shit but that should was straight up can marshmallow dj in that shit. Yeah shitting all right. So we're pulling the hollywood area. Now temple israel temple. Oh okay so donald. Tell us about your. We're we're kind of So when i moved to los angeles they people ask me. Where do you wanna live. And i said i wanna live in hollywood because i thought hollywood was where all the stars lived right. I learned really quick. They do not live here. You can afford to not leaving the billboard or the show. I've been telling you ought to watch bo burnham's inside. Yeah i sent you the video did you watch it. I didn't not the worst friend i have. What kind of send you a youtube lincoln. You don't click the link. Why are we found new friends though. Please listen my brother zachary and if me into your listener you are willing to click on links that i send you. That are funny when you please email joel. Because i need in. Everybody just flooded joel z. People trying to my job. Roy watched solos. It was awesome. Can i be your friend or josh reading Because he opposed on instagram. And at least one of your friends watch tag in a lot of things good. I want to put that episode. We it everybody everyone um we didn't. You did so one of my gym from one. Yes one time one time not. That's the one. That's the one that goal. So i learned really quickly very early. That you know stars don't live here and this is actually the hood this rougher part of town did my man there was a show i had. It was me. Tell damon from the mickey mouse club. Shot of the los angeles library isn't very good. It's not great but you know this is exactly where i live my god. Look at this on my god. Yeah anyway me damon tara reade and a couple other people were in my apartment which is right here. Pulled up. Maybe pulled in front of the fire. Fourteen twenty north dejoy balconies though. They would always flowers. That was my balcony. Hot tub right. They're also You told us before once in the pockets but used to have like bashes here. He's through a lot of parties. So i threw one huge party here and but the landlord the lewd above me. I've made sure i went around and invited everybody in the building to the party and most of them came to landlord came. Lived up there like putting much. Everybody came through the dude that lived above me. I was warned about. They were like listen. He's kind of a dick so you know he'll say yeah i'm cool with it and then he'll call the police on type of person so i'm h. Short to invite him to the party launch. Come through he was like i love to thank you. We throw a party. He comes knocking on the door. He's like donald. It is too loud. And i was like saying told you want to come through. I you know. I invited you to thing. Want to come and and like p there were a lot of people at the party like. I invited everybody from sabrina. The teenage witch. Because we will all on the same lot day showed up. I invited everybody from moesha. 'cause we were on the same lot they showed up. It was a real. It was like one of those things where i was like. Dude i got. It is target rich in hollywood right now. Do they say stars. Don't live here. What up in smoke right now. It was on fire right and he goes. It's too loud. i want you to shut it down. You're like got sabrina. The teenage girl. Listen don't heart sitting right off no branding and comfortable lamont bentley. god rest his soul dudes He came through he always he would he would come and hang out all the time because we filmed on the paramount lot so a lot of people that did you know if you were extra on the show or you know if you were or if you were on other shows you would come through to my house to hang out because i was so close and i was a cool dude right. And when he kicked he. I had a i tried to do. This was like everybody. Let's just keep it down. That's funny and that didn't this is the kind of complex. Where if they're not down. They're gonna be pissed right on time other and so and i remember i am chris kilmore. The dj for incubus was supposed to dishes before he was like he was a dude. I'm keeping one hundred. Chris and you notice love you but when he first started he was the worst. Dj he couldn't find a beat to save. Now and i used to go over to his house. He he needs to hang out with this girl aisha. Who's the actress. Also but and so we used to run with. And i was like you d to party and he was like i say owned fifty bucks. He shows up after the do tells me to keep it down. I watch kick everybody out. He comes in with his big like that ready so late. And i'm like dude. Do i liked two and a half hours late chris. I'm sorry bro. i'm sorry. And i was like well go go..

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