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Now Powell says it's got to go up. We don't know where it goes from there. So he's not telling anybody anything new here. They're likely to raise that rate to match. At least with the markets are saying, but that's the point they want people to focus on that. And that gives them maybe some flexibility to spread things out. They don't pause yet, he said that was clear. But they maybe come down so that they can get a little bit better read. The thing he said over and over again is that we've got a ways to go. And I think that's going to be the new watchword. I can make you and I know that every Central Bank and particularly major country central banks are haunted by how the Japanese got the rate call wrong a good 20 years ago, Justin wolfers wrote up on Twitter, the wonderful professor at Michigan about the asymmetry that was discussed today. Is this a J Powell who sang I'm not afraid to make the mistake the Japanese make? And if we overshoot and become too restrictive, we've got the confidence to turn around. Well, I think he's saying we're not going to make the mistake of ending too soon, which is more than just Japan. The ECB had that issue and of course United States Federal Reserve in the years before Paul Volcker under Arthur burns. So they've made that clear all along. They don't want to make that mistake. Now, the question is, as you and Michael gabin, we're talking about a few minutes ago when you get to a point where the unemployment rate starts to go up and you start to get the kind of political pressure that we've seen from democratic sub on Capitol Hill, do you feel maybe you need to back off a little bit and pulse try to thread the needle in saying

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