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Eight o'clock on the remind me get offended. Oh actually grab a mic. I think he's over here camera. Y'all doing fucking awesome dude. Hell yes every time. I see you. I feel happy about it. Like you've always got huge smile and you're always fucking hilarious secret. It's the drugs. I knew it. I knew i love them so much. What do you today came to them. Just on a bunch of we'd we'd of all the different varieties. Why got some diamonds. Shipton and diamonds are a girl's best friend so there ninety seven point six percent. Thc oh shit freebasing we'd cool. I know it's hot outside because we're in texas. I love the hat. The story behind it. I found it found it. That's a nice hat story guys. Sit down buckle up. I found it. Yes wait what were you gonna ask them. Well what are you filming. Came into film and apology being eli. I ended our last episode by saying fuck palestine and it was just a joke because even a place so i was just playing. Make believe so. We came into film. Preamble apology before that episode. Drops on saturday. Because you know you're not.

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