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I can end my career high note, everything's gonna be great at who did I make friends with literally five minutes after walking through the door. Because Bruce was he was my producer all of the segments that I did he produced because these Pat Jerry nobody else wanted to go near me, fuck it. You produce I don't anything to do that prick, but Bruce to up and we became really good friends, and believe it or not, I had more heat on me, because I was friends with him, then I did because I almost put him out of business. I thought Stephanie hated me. She only really hated me because Bruce, I became France. But Bruce, if it wasn't for you. I wouldn't survive the two or three or twenty five years, that felt like in WWE, and I'm grateful for it. Thank you very much. Let's give a big hand to Bruce sprinter. And by the way, before I go, I just wanna say all not I'm not trying to be funny. Clearly. But I am grateful for the time spent WWE because Bruce has become one of my best friends, Jeff at I Sean, we'd be we've gone through a lot together. Medusa Jerry actual he I'm only friends with them because he can still kick my ass. And I'm afraid not to be Pat, nobody. I have more respect for Buddhists. You've been down the road with hall myself, and everybody else for a long time. So I am very grateful to everybody on this panel into all of you. So thank you very much. Keep it going. Bischoff. Come on character show. All the comics were talking after that. We're really looking forward to him running a company again. This is a great show. We're gonna keep it going. You excited. Coming to the stage. You know him from the Howard Stern show. He's one of my oldest friends, but he's acting very weird tonight. I don't know what's going to happen. Please. Chicago welcomed the great Shuli egg. Shoe? They. How we doing everybody? Before we say anything, I just like to say that we all need to put our hands together give around applause, Mr. Cody Rhodes, the book club, all the guys put this together. And most importantly, the mortgage king himself one, Mr Konrad motherfucking Thompson. That's right. That. Only pop louder. Nat is the one is fucking foot made when he'd lunged for a twinkie falling off a shelf. You fat fuck what's wrong with you? Conrad? Thanks, a new shirt to sell every fucking day, mostly, you are suckered into buying and wearing them right now here's a shirt idea for you. Conrad ready you don't have to sell everything. Signed the Jews. Thank you. They met. Conrad's now on patriarch. You could pay to take a look at Conrad. Here's my theory on, if I wanted to go online and watch someone overweight, and pay money for it. I'd give sunny the twenty bucks to watch your finger fucker. So. Tell me how big Ahmed Johnson's cock is. That's a he'll turn motherfuckers right there. Ron is here. Lazy gel brilliant, brilliant, man. Or as Cogan would say one of the good ones. Over there, the bearded Joan. That's Mike Lawrence. That's not the. Yeah, that's not the bludgeon brother's son who still lives in the basement. Taylor Williamson is here. Taylor. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows who the fuck I am. You know, that's just the world we live in America's got talent. So much talent you wouldn't be here. Asshole tell you that right now. If I can get serious of Mark out for a second. You know, I grew up watching huge fan, my whole life, being able to hang backstage with these legends was amazing Bruce, the barber beefcake I got to shake the man's hand and talk shop with them. Next thing you know, he's, he's asking me for a bump. And I'm like now with my back and I turn around and it's on the key. So apparently I misunderstood. I don't wanna see the punch coming. I just wanna go out. You know what I mean? So I'm not turned into the side. John wall men's here. Sean, had some troubles in the past, Sean got busted by TSA smuggling, meth through an airport. Fucking dumb. You have to be to have TSA catch. You do anything fuck an airport. I flew here today with three pounds of weed up. Blue means.

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