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Camp arena stage a multi arts summer day camp for ages eight to fifteen camp arena stage features more than seventy five activities, including film, making music dance rock band, stop motion, animation sports and more discovering new talent, creating new passion, and they create new friends at the same time. Register today to week four week and six week. Sessions are available visit arena stage dot org slash camp. For more for call two four eight eight three three hundred Arizona gasoline prices continue to tick lower. I'm Don Nici, Cayenne, S T news, pump prices across the state or resisting the national trend and are continuing to drop. Triple A reports. The average price for a gallon of self serve regular is now two dollars forty five cents down to pennies a gallon from a week ago in Tucson, the news is even better gas is just to eighteen a gallon on average drop of four cents the national. Average prices to twenty seven and that's up from last week border agency. They've made another big drug seizure at the southern Arizona border in a couple of incidents, just three hours apart. They say a drug sniffing dog managed to find a combined one hundred eighty four thousand dollars worth of meth hidden in cars, trying to go across the border in Yuma. In one case last week, the drug was stuffed and the gas tank. Both of the drivers were from Arizona. I'm donny. KFI AM seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk. This report is brought to you by compassion international. From the casino, del soul. The soul of Tucson traffic center. Nothing any problems on the freeways, I ten. I nineteen rolling up to speed Columbus speedway..

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