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From twelve feet away in houston they'll come running to their left trailing in this game seven with six minutes to go and stopped at the elbow by curry flicks it to gordon pushes from santa stocks at home it's an eight point i'll just stay with it now you show that you could do this san francisco alexey do it here eighty nine eighty one warriors lay defense the crowd on their feet at toyota center kerry standing between the circles picks up the dribble goes to durant with nine to shoot and katie will come to the top near half court now works his way toward the three point line against hardening with three takes him to the right wild shot with a right hand no good rebound by tucker get something good right in the five twenty to go plenty of time here the fourth quarter game seven trevor aretha dribbling about five feet beyond the stripe i'm sorry living citizen so that he can't get the best and it's coordinator catches drives down low eighty nine eighty three lord guitar gone there because he got hammered but he never got the fall under five minutes to go six point lead golden state shaun livingston out on the right gets down to durant baseline right they wanna stop brackets off i shot and durant scores from twenty feet away if they can get that switch gate got that early in games one and two when you get gordon down inside he can't he can't the vendors because he plays behind the rent ninety one eighty three and now the lob pass for cappella got tipped by dre migraine steph curry got it brings it into the front court slows it down with four twenty five to go in the fourth quarter leading by eight hurry against the reza post and reach in areso after he knocked the ball away vows going to be number four on arista that is the second team foul against houston here in this fourth quarter golden state will inbound on the near right side kevin durant waiting on the ball from scott foster he's got it bounces it in do shaun livingston four twenty to go try to advance great high low underneath the draymond green the quarter play tops and drops home yet another golden state secondhalf trip on the left hand side that was screened for curry he came off the screen green roll to.

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