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A strong like totally different story right you know it's some it's unreal but done this article in the New York Post was amazing because we get about a hundred by his daughter Ashley it's been a doctor Klein cream done for it they have a start up they have a thing called start about this investment comes consultancy based in New York City started out it started regarding on a because of the affordable Care Act what is the debate is one brother Frank Biden got a lot of he picked up about five about fifty million dollars from an organization called OPI CEO pay for some real estate deals and Donna Costa Rica now when you look at this you look at the way these family members then is Valerie Biden Owens look at his family how much money they've all made off of Joe yeah you constantly hear about trapping his children it's it's really amazing the kettle black bad bad bad bad complete look actually if you get into all the pages one of fifteen years you do your your like if if you are a very honest person which is black it's very rare these politics holidays if you're decent I mean like if they if they are not too many of them out there let me tell you that but one thing is for sure you're doing favors to your relatives and family is then then all like it don't feel bad about it goes like now I have the power I can put a sign these things to my relatives the lead but I'll I'll let I just do them a favor so I think that the environment has been in politics for four years yeah by the and all like if it's not if it's not surprising yeah it is someone things like you know there is a sale my major to to to be attracted attracted to power and money but it's it takes a lot of this is going to stay away from those things and you know concentrate on things that good for the country or for death people or whatever your or you're defending understaffed so that that's the story but we will we will soon see what happens here but that you know what will be November before you know it and and the next thing you know will be electing a new Congress and the White House in a few senators and we'll see if this these how this altercation work I appreciate your call and look for talking again able yes it was great talking to you my pleasure the name is packaged salad this this Steve Sanchez show the phone number seven oh two two five seven five three nine six you know there are four topics in Iowa that could concern islands foreign policy about fourteen percent I think that's very important forty one percent health care twenty one percent climbing change in net income inequality about seventy percent well we're gonna talk about that next hour beginning next the American dream being alive and well and hopefully we'll have more caucus information but the question of how I post you listeners do you believe that the impeachment hearings have been more impacting against Joe Biden than it has been the president I'm starting to believe it is I don't think the people looking at these impeachment hearings with the same zest that people thought they were going to I think the Democrats are gonna end up paying the price down deep especially when it comes to the Congress I think they're gonna lose the Congress back to the Republicans but the Republicans will hold the the majority in the Senate and the fame if trump gets reelected we will have what I would call a try factor in those three positions together can get things done and you know the key here a lot of Americans that I talk to are sick and tired of partisan politics they want to see these elected officials do their job here in Nevada we have two congressional seats up for grabs wish for but the two that are up for grabs will be seeing three and four hi this is mark I'm a look pike take their she wins but could we have a change in Nevada could could we win in three could we win for now we have a lot of candidates in for maybe more than we should be that as it may if we can put together strong enough candidate for it is very vulnerable soul could Susie Lee especially when you consider the health care problems we had a plan in the vada we had good quality health plan it was better than was being offered for realtors been association there are two Congress woman and her two state senators to Bosch are two Horsford anti this as well as sincerely along with the two senators wacky Jacky.

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