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And now we have the main attraction my man is a comedic rockstar fluffy glazes gabriel iglesias sells out arenas talks good shit plays right to his audience this is a fantastic conversation with a guy who is not sure run of the mill comedian he'll tell you himself he's made those guys guys paid in full from telling jokes across the globe and beyond travels all over the all over the world talk and shit selling out arenas poor talking about what country has the most beautiful women were talking about what's funny and what's not funny in the mid west would and so much more with gabriel in klay ceus comedic rockstar comedic genius i would bet to say comedic millionaire coming up next my main man fluffy places gabriel iglesias test test test of art abriel glazes is in the house gaber enter an a very impressive house wall very very very i'm an escrow right now and you just made me hate my fucking how come on me i know you've got some shit man i got some shit but man you don't know there's some shit and then there's you know fluffy come on man this this house is amazing why that higher learning money ha ha this this old money i appreciate that new road life money that role life money's good that selling out motherfucking madison square garden money yeah but you know it just because you saw madison square garden doesn't mean you're gonna make money it's union one that's the most expensive in new york the the number one union is a new york and in order for you to make money playing madison square garden your tickets gotta be you know you got to charge a hefty price your productions gotta be minimal promotion has to be you know it's it's really hard i broke even basically when i played msg so is is playing msg for a comedian prestigious is i was just gonna say it's the the looks great on your resume you know you've played the biggest most iconic one not the biggest but you've played the most iconic venue in the world world's most famous arena yeah so that's you can say that that's and they know that so they could care less about you know.

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