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The next to the south Madison ninety three north is now jammed up over a mile Randolph into Braintree crash about a mile after route twenty eight involving a number of vehicles the state police to Randolph fire department all responded to the scene it's got ninety three south locked up basically from the expressway down towards that scene so I try to avoid that stretch of ninety three you can right now twenty four south some stop and go down that route one thirty nine from an earlier crash that should ease up pretty quick the expressway south on the brakes mass have down to Savin hill it's pretty slow into the Braintree split northbound is slow in the ponds at circle of past Columbia road and really jammed up coming up towards the tunnel three south usual delays down towards derby street were dropped from three lanes to two other pike westbound delays out the Westin from an earlier break down by the state police barracks up to the north is a pretty good one twenty eight ninety three route one all in good shape this report sponsored by staples connect staples connectors your local staples store reimagined and redesigned including community and co working spaces even a podcast studio it's a new place to break old rules coworking podcasting learning explore staples connect today and need a male wife Somerville and government center my king with WBZ's traffic on the threes now check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast getting a tiny bit warmer today up to forty nine staying sunny tonight staying clear down thirty three in Boston in the twenties in the suburbs tomorrow is going to be mostly sunny and up to fifty two Monday still mild sun fading behind increasing clouds.

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