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Here on this podcast. I told John Gondolas Make. I want to plug this anyway. Mlb Network. They're showing some of the all time. Great Games catch them. You know what I think. The pollock brothers Brian. I we all watched this week in. Baseball was on Well I'll just get anything baseball. How how great was that Mel Allen and this week in baseball we watch like a marathon this weekend so good. I'm glad you brought it up because obviously we don't have games and I'm not just saying this because I work overtime. Mlb network and do does periodically but the this past week. It kind of went through my sweet spot. 'cause they're doing like year-by-year tonight. They got the eighty four on a world series of San Diego and Detroit. But a couple of days ago. They went through the whole. Like seventy six seventy seven. Seventy eight seventy nine eighty and it was like like I you know again. I grew up a mets fan but when the Yankees are playing dodgers like I was like. Yeah this is awesome. I didn't have that whole Fraudulent thing is Michael. Kay says he playfully calls me fraud. 'cause I I I like players and I think Jerry Seinfeld has it right. We we fell in love with logos marks and colors and uniforms Andrea. Yeah I saw Wade Boggs on on the Horse in ninety six in New York City cop and he's and he's doing the number one thing and a couple of years ago. Every Yankee Fan Hades gut now they love them and then here comes Roger Clemens who they all hated when he was with the Red Sox and now they love them. You know what you know. What do you love? What is it the players of the person or is it the uniform? Yeah you're right Dan by the way. That's my sweet spot to and I think Darren so. Bright that seventy seven eighty. It's funny we go over the lineups of all the world series teams from those years and we could do it like one through nine right. They're starting lineup. I don't know what it is. Maybe maybe baseball cards were bigger or something. I don't know why there was more inches. Maybe it's me. Maybe kids are still doing it. But there's more interesting I'll tell you why because there wasn't frigging eight hundred channels on our TV. Dagga Yeah now you you you you kidding game of the week or you did the baseball bunch of Johnny Bench and you had this week in Baseball. Mellow like if there was only some select times. Now you're inundated with so much you don't know where the heck to turn it on. That was the whole embassy game of the week. It's like who's on like that. Was your chance to see like Oakland. Play to ever watching those guys catfish. Hunter Ron Gidget. Got a chance to play the bobby while I had no idea. I'll be Wilshire's that good. When he was young player. Yeah it was so good and then that that pirates team seven event just weird things like the start giving star to the MVP what he considered the MVP of again like you. Just don't see that anymore. That's crazy. Put The star on the hat like well I mean and the and the and the pirates beaten Orioles Orioles where you know whatever the favorite they're probably back and even the broadcast right with Joe Garagiola. Tony Koubek Oh God Kurt Gowdy. Yeah Oh boy Lana Fun. You can catch all these games replays. Mlb Network. It'll be like you're watching it for the first time or see al on Youtube. Not His fault. Game One mets Yankees. I'm just happy to hear that you would go into the hall as a met. That's all that's all that matters to me out. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it. Yeah my pleasure man. It was good to Reminisce our buddy all right. That'll do it for another episode of against all odds with cousin sow for the parlay. Kid Brother Bry. He'll producer Jim Cunningham. And Al Lighter. He was great. I'm sal saying so long. Stay inside. Stay safe and happy handicapping..

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