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He was ninety two CBS's Steve Kate them as the longest serving congressman in history. John Dingell was not just known for his longevity. But for how much he packed into those fifty nine years. Very important. It is. How long how well Dingle took over? His father's congressional seat in nineteen fifty five after he died in office, the younger Dingle would fight for the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and the environment. Well, being a champion for the auto industry in his home state. How important it is that we pull together to work for the common? Good. But big John is he was called. By colleagues grew tired of the hyper partisan politics that had become the norm on Capitol Hill. His retirement in two thousand fourteen Steve Kathan, CBS news in an online posting titled. No, thank you, Mr. Packer. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post is accusing the National Enquirer of blackmail and extortion by threatening to publish revealing photos of Bezos and his girlfriend if he didn't stop an investigation of the supermarket tabloid Loyola Law. Professor Laurie Levenson very sensational story raises some really interesting questions about on what basis the Enquirer decides to publish their information or not publish their formation. Virginia state is rocked by more political and racial controversy. I'm Jim Krasula in Richmond. Virginia a top Republican has been caught up in Virginia's deepening political crisis states, set up majority leader Tommy north was managing editor of the Virginia. Military institute's nineteen sixty eight yearbook it includes racial slurs at least one image of a purse. In black face. In a statement. Norman said he did not appear in or take any of the photos in question. A giant figure in major league baseball has died. Frank Robinson was Eighty-three hall of fame. Baseball writer, Bill Nadan, Frank was maybe one of the most underappreciated superstars baseball ever. Had. I say that because he was one of the all time homerun hitters was third third or fourth on the list when he retired Washington National star. Ryan Zimmerman says Robinson was his first big league manager. He says Robinson was a living legend who made baseball in the world, a better place. This is CBS news. You have enough things to worry about every day insurance. Shouldn't be one of them. You can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. Liberty Mutual insurance..

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