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Shack says it won't does not impact current users of tobacco and does not actually impact convenience stores current customer base, But Harry boards with the advisory committee that actually voted for No action on the measure said it would hurt local businesses when an adult can simply walk the extra block to Austin or Cleveland Circle in order to legally purchase tobacco products, which, by the way would impact our own local recline. Merchants. Proponents say it could take us long as 40 years before smoking has faced out all together, and that gives business owners plenty of time to change their business models. Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ, Boston's news, radio, education officials and Massachusetts considering Alternative ways to administer the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System test. We notice them cast. And they're planning to work on it. This winter Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley so the tests are on track to be administered. But the department is considering options like limiting the time students take the test or at home testing. The Supreme Court. Temporarily barring New York from restricting religious gatherings in areas deemed to be high risk is ABC News Legal analyst Royal Oaks explains the court's decision. Ah, victory for the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Jewish synagogues. Justice Gorsuch put it, plainly expressing a sentiment held by many. It's unconstitutional to little liquor stores and bike shops reopened, but slam the doors on churches, synagogues and mosques. Four dissenters, including the chief justice, argued the rules or are rational reaction to the pandemic. The ruling a reversal from earlier actions taken by the high court in response to state restrictions on organized religion during the pandemic. The justices previously refused. Lift restrictions on churches and California and Nevada, 608 to Wall Street Now in business with Bloomberg this year amid the pandemic department stores face even more pressure to get Americans into the holiday spirit. Bob Fibs, CEO of the retail doctor, see similarities with the past very much like the fifties that that's the closest one I would say is people who are shot coming out of the war and worsen Ted to find a way with parades and with windows and other ways to get people to forget that and to come in. And to shop department stores were adapting to a host of curtailed traditions. Macy's has expanded curbside pick up another e commerce offerings at sister chain. Bloomingdale's customer service will remain a hallmark of the brand, but much of it is moving online. Gone are the chocolate samples and the beauty makeovers fibs. It says retailers. First obligation is to their employees and then to their customers who this year are looking for an escape, even if things have to be Different. I think you still have to understand People shop who are hopeful and people who are afraid will not be in a store. I'm Gina. Serve Eddie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio coming up in 6 15 million's headed to the airport and to the roads on this Thanksgiving day, but Number is nowhere near what we have seen in years past. You're not talking.

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