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Of voice in Canada, this is clearly not doctor Terry Fisher. In case you missed yesterday's flash briefing, that was his update to share that he is taking a well deserved break after producing a daily flash briefing for 5 years. I'm Jose Young, a listener of the flash briefing. I also took Terry's flash briefing class almost three years ago and I am subbing in for now. If you missed Terry's update, he is looking for others who can help out during this time, so please feel free to reach out to him. Now, of course, no one can fill Terry's shoes. I'm here because I listen to voice in Canada to learn and I know I will be learning a lot as I fill in, please don't judge me. We actually have 7 lexis in our home. Today, I'll share one of our family's favorite Lexi skills that we learned from Terry. It's called song quiz, so you start it by saying Lexi open song quiz. You can then choose a decade of music and this skill will play a small clip of a song from that decade, and you've got to guess the name or the artist of that song. I have an 8 in a 6 year old and we enjoy playing together. They totally school me in the 2000s and 2010s decade. But when it comes to the 90s, I completely dominate. Anyways, sometimes you need a little music to brighten your spirits or question and answer activity to help redirect your brain. I recommend this one, but there are a couple of things you need to overlook. One, the AI doesn't always capture what you say correctly. So sometimes my answer is right and she'll say I'm incorrect and there have been times where my answer is wrong. And she says, all right, so be prepared for that one. The other thing is, it says that there's a free trial of the premium feature, which unlocks many more songs for you. A couple months ago, we answered yes to it, but Lexi said it was not available in our country. I actually emailed the company behind it, and they confirmed that the premium isn't available in Canada, so it means you will hear the free trial offer fairly frequently, but it's also not applicable to you since you're in Canada. Again, the Lexi's skill is called song quiz, and you can open it by saying, Lexi, open song quiz, I know you've been listening a little longer than the usual length of the flash briefing, since it was also an update on what's happening here with voice in Canada. I promise I will keep it shorter moving forward. Thank you for listening today. It's nice to meet you. Let's send our best over to Terry as he takes a well deserved rest and I will talk to you tomorrow..

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