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Arsene Wenger, Panama, Jose Marino discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

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Arsene Wenger, Panama, Jose Marino discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer


Only facts facts on facts only thank you so my question was after so many years of hatred between arsene wenger and the panama of jose marino and sir alex condoms awkward that all of a sudden it was a love fest congratulations i would expect arson to have some b like get the fuck away from me i don't need you hugging me i i really think it was a very sentimental moment for both managers because i think cer alex was made better by by some winger i don't think so i would be the manager without the competition in the force it's kind of like the detroit pistons making michael jordan better without the bad boys the bad boys pistons making michael jordan the greatest fuck and the hardest player ever to play basketball at the biggest killer instinct the detroit pistons our arsenal and the bulls michael jordan are mentors united without that it's it's yeah i mean it makes i'm upset i'm just telling you we had our detroit pistons won two titles back to back i mean magic arsenal one and they hadn't really want since two thousand four chance chauncey billips so it's the same thing with arsenal it's the same thing we won briefly while another team flourished for a six year span mentors united went and flourished way after just like the bull so i think it's a good analogy i think it's a solid now to show that sir alex would not be the manager are you right i think.