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They both told me I should go to Easter West Coast and become successful. They were both very nice. And I stayed friends with both of them until their deaths. But I was on stage one night and I was doing jokes and I go, is that your dad? To a kid sitting with a guy. He goes, yeah, I go, it seems like a nice dad. Do you guys get along? He goes, yeah. And then that was the first time I did. Yeah, my dad never hit us either. But he carried a gun, and then I did that joke. Never shot us. He just got, you know? And that got the biggest laugh of anything I had ever done. And it got a different kind of laugh. Like, oh. And it opened something up in me. And I started mining my family stuff right then. I just started digging. And then I came off stage and a guy named Roman to care God rest his soul. He was a he was a shriner and he played a little harmonica. And he was told really silly jokes. He'd hit a bad note on the little tiny harmonica and then pull out of his hand a rubber pickle. Oh, that's a sour note. And then he did these really dumb, but we loved him. He was a very sweet guy. And I came off stage and he said, Louis, just talk like this. Louie, if you did that material about your family and you had a completely clean act, you'll become famous. And you know, I was listening to him, and I just said, really? You know, you know, I was looking for somebody to tell me something. I didn't know. I just wanted to be successful. And then in 1981, I moved out to Los Angeles and for two years, I auditioned for The Tonight Show and finally got it and you know with Howie and Robin and the Johnny Carson era. Yeah, this is the big time this is the HBO babies you know in comedy. All those guys we all did specials, you know? Jim Carrey and Sam Kennedy. Rita rudner, and they were all there, you know. And that's what kind of, you know, I wasn't like anyone else. And I never had to I never felt competitive. You know? I only had a few goals. I wanted my name on the comedy star. I wanted to get on The Tonight Show and I wanted to host my own talk show. Which is your podcast, I guess. No, I hosted the John river show for a week when she went Edgar. When Edgar died, so I felt like it. And then at the end of that week, I go, I could never do this, but actors and actresses are too boring. It really was at your conclusion. Yeah, I just said, oh, this would be so arduous. 'cause you know, I would sit there and they'd have nothing. You know, comedians, but I just said, oh. It just didn't like. I was no longer the thing I felt like I needed to do. Louis Anderson speaking with Terry gross in 2016, we'll hear more after a short break. This is fresh air. This new year, life kit wants to.

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