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Whole buffalo goalie situation. They've used 6 goalies already. Michael Hauser was supposed to stop the other night. He had to go into the COVID protocol, but then Craig Anderson got healthy, so they started 40 year old Craig Anderson, the 6 different goalies they've used, but back to that hit. I mean, what's he thinking there, man? I love dirty goalies from the old school, but that was such a dangerous hit the way the guy was coming in so close to the boards. Yeah, and obviously bathers had not expecting it. The worst is when you see the skate blade get caught in the boards and then the way it twists and I thought he broke his ankle. I think that if goalie's come out of their crease and if they want to increase scoring, make them fair fucking game. Stay in your fucking net, just like lacrosse. You want to come out of your net and play the puck? I mean, they created the trapezoid area so they could play it and they didn't want them going to the corners because you'd see guys like broder or Mike Smith, basically a third defenseman and go back and grab it. Make a make them at least the above the goal line where if you put it below the goal line they can't go there. And in this situation, I think he was kind of like right near the goal line, but just a gutless move. I would have liked to have seen a bit of a dust up after that. You may think I'm exaggerating. I swear to God, I think that hit is up with Dale hunter on Thursday and claw them on Chris Draper. That was a fucking scumbag. Scumbag move by arundel. And his what he said after was actually such a joke because if that's I don't even know any random goalie in the league, took a rash, I'm just trying to figure somebody and says, they're like, oh, I was trying to give space to my defenseman, like, okay, possibly. Aaron Dell like two weeks before that skated 40 feet outside the zone in Nashville and ran somebody over. It's like this dude was blatantly. Did you see that clip is? No, I never saw that. Oh my God, you two of it right now. YouTube it right now, and two weeks later he does this to batherson, who's having this career year. He's on the four check. He's not even that close to the defenseman, and out of nowhere, a goalie who can't be hit in the game decides to bury a guy who has no clue it's coming and ruins his whole season. Maybe it's because he had in a high ankle sprain and that was the beginning of the with dogs end. Is the high ankle sprain? I never recovered. So I'm very sensitive to the fact, but are you fucking serious? A goaltender? You're sitting there and you just bury this guy for no reason? And when he said, I was just trying to create some space for my defenseman. It's like, no, you weren't dude because you'd already proven that you've been hitting guys this season. Go look at the clip I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure it was in Nashville. So granelli is gonna pull it up along with these other stats that he sent me over. Just a car. Oh, just a dirtbag hit. I feel bad for basket. Senators fans are some of the most ruthless online. So they've created this term getting sensed. And all of a sudden, Aaron Dale got put on waivers a few days later, so they were just all over them on the Twitter machine. Some of the other stats though I was going to ask you guys a question. Who are the other three guys who are the fastest defenseman to a hundred career assists? I mean, number four. No I'm gonna go Paul coffee. No, it's actually that's why I asked you guys because it's such a bizarre list. Larry Murphy, you might not get one name of the three guys before. Larry Murphy? Nope. What? Lidstrom? I mean, if I'm saying, if you're saying we might not get one name, I don't know what we should be here all night. Retired, great call. James played one 27. The next one Mark Howell with Hartford, April 1st, 1981, a 135 games and Stefan person. What? The islanders in March 22nd, 17 Jesus Christ, going back to the fight, going back to the medieval times. March 22nd, 1979 and that was in a 135 games also on the car did it January 30th, 2022 with a 140 games. So a lot of these names that you guys mentioned below. Mcinnis was next in line, Larry Murphy, Adam Fox, Quinn Hughes, Brian leech and then Phil housley, but really cool though you see Adam Fox Quinn Hughes and kit kell mccart, like three guys that are on a list with these types of names that are now defensive in the national hockey. So we're seeing a wave of this offensive defenseman where we're going to be seeing some very special things from guys from the back end for years to come. I know we got went back on the whole stat thing. Now, I would like to see this clip if you send it to the group chat. Yeah, we've been pretty pretty blessed with on that front. I know you just said that Dell did get waved. And the suspension obviously cost him a few bucks. And that's less money to invest in his future with. That's certainly right, all right. And that's why I'm here to talk to you guys again about all to. And I had this career in the NHL where I was lucky enough to make some money, but the entire time, right from the beginning, I thought about my future. I thought about putting money away, which is what everyone should do. And I know a lot of people may say they don't love how much money they're making at the time and they need most of what they're making to live while I'll do it. I do whatever whatever you can to save a little bit and that's where all tool comes in. There are a lot of options out there in terms of investing your money for.

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