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To the how we car show at today's first lesson is if you ever get jammed up please if you're a Democrat just say it was a botched job John Kerry his stupid joke about how you could study hard and get somewhere or you could not study and end up in Iraq that was a botched joke number that everybody knows I busted joke at least a mature way of handling a mistake I was just kidding it was the G. O. okay everyone needs to calm down he had a lot of botched jokes in a day of botched joke about the Italian army one time way back when and now and now Gretchen half with Mars president trump calls are in in Michigan her her husband tried to pull a do you know who I am to get his boat into the water up in up in Michigan and she claimed you know what I am it's mo green that was a botched joke to saying that to to to Michael Corleone in the godfather two it was a botched job everything is a botched joke right grace yeah and the thing about saying do you know who I am as if the person doesn't you can be sure the whole world soon will know who you are and you're probably gonna wish that they didn't and this is a perfect example of that yeah they in this you know it rush was complaining today about social media and I agree you know and and Twitter is out of control with this up fact checking on Republicans but not on Democrats but in this there is a role for social media the story about Gretchen Whitmer's husband pulling the do you know who I am after you know she's hopping on everybody in the state of Michigan including our friend the the seventy seven year old barber Carl minke you know it never would've gotten out except the guy the owner of the boat yard put it on his Facebook page these these are the unsung heroes of the corona virus pandemic and I'm going to include Andy Olson who will be with us at four thirty on that list who called out the MSNBC cameraman for not wearing a mask although with the host or the the anchor Calipari was berating people for not wearing masks and then revealed that his own staff was not wearing masks and he made it clear the him and his wife both have said listen it's not the cameraman's fault I he's a regular guy doing his job but you can't have these double standards is the same thing with Karen Polito I I'm sure she's exhausted I'm sure she wants a day off but you can't yell at people for gathering and whine about it and then throw a party it just doesn't look good it's in optics thing guys right and the and again we're we're going to try to get that judge in downstate Illinois on tomorrow judge judge Makeni who wrote this gaping decision against the instead J. B. the hot Pritzker the governor of Illinois who who's been hi he may be even more out of control then Gretchen half with mark in in Michigan how we I have a story here that I think is going to get passed over because of how fast the new site but I think you will get a kick out of it so do you remember Rebecca Jones she was that woman from Florida who said she was fired from the coronavirus remember that yeah it turns out she's an alleged Barker yes so follow up to this story which you will not hear anything about except in the New York Post is fired Florida data scientist no she said originally that they fired her because she was trying to be transparent and she wanted to put up numbers on the site that did not support governor distinta says decision to re open Florida she was basically saying they're silencing the numbers because it doesn't support their narrative right governor to stand just came back and said she was fired for multiple reasons including the fact that she had she should never been hired in the first place because she had a affair with a student and then she was accused of cyberstalking him three counts of cyberstalking according to this report she alleged he created a revenge porn website and she had a trial by oppo yes and she was she still currently there and she also wrote a three hundred forty two page manifesto with a narrative of.

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