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Long dot or you're listening to KCRW this is morning edition I'm Kim masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Bellamy of The Hollywood Reporter and Matt we've known that you know this industry is disrupted or Warner brothers and Warner media it's parent are sort of the ultimate case study right now of who he is calling on Warner brothers was the premier studio in this industry for so many years and being the chairman of Warner brothers was the biggest deal imaginable and they have now announced that M. Sarnoff who who comes from the BBC America and has really good experiences very well regarded but is completely almost completely unknown in Hollywood is going to be the chairman of Warner brothers and at the same time Warner media is announcing the launch of this HBO Max which is the streaming service that they have been building toward and if they are pulling programming from all over the place it to service this thing this is a huge priority so first of all your people are gonna have to look at that and say do I need this demo and will this H. B. O. Max idea work and at the same time within the industry there's a question of what she what does this mean for Warner brothers I mean if Warner brothers now going to be subservient to the streaming service and does being chairman of Warner brothers really have any kind of clout and prestige or or are you just going to be taking orders effectively from Bob Greenblatt who runs the streaming service as well as these other cable channels and HBO he reports to John Stanky the head of Warner media as does Ansari off but it's not so clear what it all means in terms of who has power this really does represent a sign of the times and entertainment because when eighteen he bought the Time Warner assets it was very clear that the crown jewel was not Warner brothers it was HBO because they could leverage HBO to create a global streaming service that will hopefully in their words complete with Netflix and that's what every conglomerate is try and to do right now they're trying to leverage with their assets are create new stuff and go head to head with Netflix so you're seeing Warner media pull back a lot of the content that was out there most notably friends which is been streaming on Netflix is now going to switch over to this new HBO Max they're gonna start doing with a bunch of other shows on the CW on Turner on the Turner networks like TNT and TBS some CNN contact this is all going to be funneled into this H. B. O. Max streaming service which will be patched as an add on to H. B. O. or as its own thing a little bit more expensive than the traditional HBO cost currently and that's where we're at right now because Comcast is doing the same thing with the NBC universal shows like the office pulling it away from Netflix doing their own thing Disney is launching their own thing we're going to get into a very stratified ecosystem where the streaming services are tops and the contents suppliers are going to be the studios that they own and hopefully others they think I mean worse is made a fortune selling TV shows the with TV division is been a lead you know Big Bang theory two and a half men all of the shows and different networks very profitably and enjoying all of that reaping all of the rewards that followed and they just sold a huge project to Netflix Sandman so they're still looking to get that cash coming in the door obviously I don't I don't even know how you sorted out and I think more importantly people in the industry don't how you sort it out if I'm making a TV show and Warner brothers making that show what goes to the HBO MAX what goes somewhere else what do I sell to CBS or ABC or or Hulu or whatever so I think it's it's almost like this dizzying situation within the industry of figuring out who is going to emerge victorious and how these things are going to be sort yeah that's a that's a potential big change for Warner brothers which as you mentioned it has been this you know people say they're the arms dealer Hollywood in the sense that they have sold everybody but if you look at what Disney is doing this he is very purposefully holding back a lot of their stuff and they are trying to create an ecosystem around this new Disney plus streaming service that will be the one stop shop for Disney now Disney has a very strong consumer brand and people know Disney and they want Disney oriented content it's not quite the same for Warner brothers they don't have that brand name they just you you wouldn't the average person on the street wouldn't even know that one brothers produced two and a half men yeah it's probably the biggest revenue generator that the company has so I I just I think that it was very interesting to see how Warner's approaches this ecosystem and who they sell to and who they don't think from the consumer standpoint of course the question is how much does this cost they said it will be more than just a H. B. O. subscription streaming subscription of fifteen a month fifteen dollars a month you know the streaming services are gonna add up if you if you want this that or the other if you want the office if you want friends if you want the stranger things those are three different subscriptions thank you Matt thank you that's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter he joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business I'm Kim masters and this is the Hollywood break down and you are listening to morning edition here on KCRW guess.

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