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People are monitoring things like elastic search reticent and my sequel right these are mongo db like these are all things that i did not expect to see you know like this as we were beginning to the data for for containers early on or even later with with cooper so stateful services are definitely becoming a a more popular thing to run their been surprised by by quickly people are getting into it surprises you because it's bold to put your central data store of record on cooper netease to be honest i don't it's hard for me to tell you what what people arguing in there i can tell you what know what what technologies the running right but it's hard for me to say is that the master is their master database sitting inside on top of that he's i think it's just people tend to think about or about containers illustrated workloads as place to put their stateless services and so as we dive into as we see people running stateful services there at least at first it was surprising never time we run the report i'm just kinda wondering who's gonna come out in the lead in terms of the technology we see there so that's been like engine x when engine next came in number one i was not surprised at all right like that's it's definitely like the web server of choice it seems within the world of when within the world of containers when i saw when i saw elastic search coming in number two on goober nettie that's i'm a little surprised by that but okay as we started to get into things like post grads in my sequel manga dealing also little surprise but this these days is just again not to make it's not a popularity contest but it's just interesting to see what comes out on top of only to see how the patterns in how people are using containers and orchestrators or changing other things you know other stats like talk about i think it's been interesting to see how deployment patterns indus practices have emerged on top of containers in orchestrators.

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