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Spent half my life in the Gulf Oman, in and out of that straighter removes many, many times, this is a difficult challenging set of circumstances. We are on a collision course on worry, and President Trump says, Iran did it. Well, Ron and you know, they did it because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn't explode probably got sensually Iran written all over it. And you saw the vote at nighttime to take the mind often successfully took the mind off the boat removal was caught on video by the US as Bainbridge which was dispatched to the area after the tankers were attacked today as flag day. And it's also President Trump, seventy third birthday, happy birthday. Mr President, also White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving soon. I couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country, and particularly to work for this president that was during a White House event yesterday where President Trump said Sanders has done a great job, and we'll be heading back home to Arkansas. President Trump has not yet named a replacement for Sarah. Could be centers, and as one reporter sarcastically pointed out, Mick Mulvaney, is currently the director of office management budget acting White House chief of staff and acting director of the consumer financial protection bureau. So maybe he can do it. Mike. Bauer NBC News Radio. What are Republican calls in a story day, a democrat calls a waste of time today, you know, glues accounts governor onto Santa's will sign a Bill banning sanctuary cities. State, Senator Joe Grutter sponsored the Bill that makes it a legal for cities to ignore federal request to hold suspects who are in the country illegally. John Whitley's democratic state committee man for Okaloosa county and he tells the daily news, the Bill is just a dog whistle to the Republican base. Stephen Diener news talk, eight fifty. W. F T, L girl, accidentally set herself on fire and Broward County last night inside a home in Fort Lauderdale, firefighters believed. The girl used a lighter set a bottle of rubbing alcohol on fire, then dropped the bottle. She suffered second degree burns to thirty percent of her body and is in the mine. Emme burns center speaker of the house is highlighting what she calls. A graveyard of bills being buried by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell leader McConnell seems to take great pride in calling himself, the grim reaper. It's part of his political campaign. It's part of the price. You'd takes his leader of the Senate Pelosi pointed to more than a dozen bills approved by Democrats in the house that the grim reaper is sitting on proud county man could be the next fashion superstar wilt manner Sebastian gray on Bravo's project runway last night. And the raptors won the NBA championship last night. And Justin Rose is alone atop the leaderboard after the first round of the US, open Tiger Woods is one under your next update and a half hour. I'm caring her to stay connected with us any time. Eight fifty Wf, tail dot com..

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