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That during a Facebook live session that the U. S needs to hit the reset button to get a grip on stopping the spread of the Corona virus, she says it's time to regroup. Take a time out, take a more measured approach to stopping this virus part of the problem, he says. Some states opened too early, some open correctly. But then the citizenry didn't comply with public health mandates. Then there was the hesitation by elected leaders to listen to the science is the virus became or understood? Such as with the changing science on Mass Square as the information changes, then you have to be flexible enough and humble enough to be able to change how you think about things, he says. Right now, the most important thing Americans can do is wear a mask. And then practice physical distancing. I'm Jim Room CVS and target are the latest major retailers to require face coverings be worn by customers corresponding. Cristina Alesci says targets mandatory facemask policy takes hold of his first target said that it's going to try and ease the burden on consumers by making the mass available, making three masks available before consumers walk in adding signage, making sure that the overhead systems in the scores remind people to keep Their masks on the mass policy takes hold of CVS stores on Monday. Security services warn that Russian spies are targeting organizations trying to develop a Corona virus vaccine in the U. S. Canada and the U. K U. K's National Cyber Security Center. Said that vaccine research, though, had not been hindered by the hackers. Russia denied responsibility, Fire officials say the Pacific Gas and Electric transmission lines sparked a wildfire in California's wine country last year. The destroyed hundreds of homes. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection issued the finding today..

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