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Annoying. When you do master they change it. Or i go a few more goals. Whilst bugle i did have one final comment. Okay so you either go on all all end with. Okay minors it. Twenty twenty say one of my goals is plan time off trip to mexico. We're great really. Love to old as tech is in moga. Rita's ninety listener. It didn't happen but know. Wash the gains this go. She made me realize that. I was luckier than some in twenty twenty. Obviously i was lucky than some in many many respects but for time off i did get to go on a writing. Retreat in january. Two instable had weakened waste ables. That was that was really good. I mean it's not time off but it's time in a different location and in february i did actually get away for week. Two myuka For my friends. Forty than that was planned. And i'd never know many gay to spain in february book. Because it was his birthday we went and say that has never that was brilliantly timed holding because it was the last week february although all my the whole day plans went up in smoke. My wife and i did still we did get to. Its double yes yes the weekend they right not until king bigger holiday plans you so i think we stayed in watch telling yes But yeah so i. I did it two trips switch to a trip to spain and went to devon in october as well say he. It wasn't as bad as you could. You might have thought it was gonna be and a debate t weeks of christmas spending time. Obviously the i'm calling it a win. Because i did that. Another goal was translations. I wanted to get some out in the world. I signed for translation. Contacts in twenty twenty. And i got my first one out into the world in november the german translation of because i do before i was honestly giddy with excitement about this one. I didn't i just felt different right in a. i'm. I'm excited. When i get any book out in the world but this one was in a language i did not read or understand as i. It just felt a little bit more out that special. yeah. I was very excited by them. Have you purchased the german paperback version. Disa- have on your shelf. I think it'd be fun. The opening up every once in a while. yeah. I'm john contracts with ilva publishing andom but contract was they sent me ten copies. I've got ten kobi's want mom. Should i think. Do a giveaway for german raiders. Yeah i have I've sent a couple out to a couple of german. Rita's i won't be sending one is wanted to my friends. In germany he hated the newseum zemzem discount whether they want to reveal. Sbn romance or not disco has to s who appeared one of your books at some point. Yeah i mean this is gold. I mean disco of all things i mean. This is a happy. This is happy music happy. Be in easy to like. you don't really have to. Not i mean is this a fun very sounds fun. Even i might have liked that. It is easy eve in with whoop. Tv a whoop by so. I've got two more goals. Were on my list. Saudi woman was lacoste in my body. Better now obviously. My personal trading. And jim raise year. Regime came to a grinding halt in twenty twenty when everything shut down. However i'm calling this one win because like you said i invested in a proper chair a screen and an economic setup. Say my body is better. When i'm working occurred on exercising at home throughout the pandemic i i've had physician to crowing. Correct the ills of done my body by saying the wrong jerry. Lost six years and I look at my body is good for mental and physical health saves always took my proteins. I did hit this morning. I'm carrying on his twenty twenty. One say win was so stiller this year. I didn't have energy but on trying to get better. Twenty twenty one trained to undo the damage of all the stress eating. So we'll what you said you have. I had something happy in in the last year that was not on the radar and it was not something i plan on doing but it was probably one of the happier changes of twenty twenty in that was i adopted. Lady grey before year old cat who also had a terrible pandemic experience. She lost her family in as she spent a lotta time in a cat. Shelter in so After my cat advocates i said never again to pets because it hurts too much when they leave but i have to say letting her in my home in letting her into my heart has improved my life so it was something. I didn't plan but is probably one of the better things that happened. Did you get. You may be nettie as love. She's like the grumpiest cat in every she is bobby. I feel like she's like a teacher safe. I'm very disappointed in your homework. S that feeling every time but it still makes me smile The final one of my os was to be kind to myself. And i think the i did a little bit of kindness. Could come as a bit more slack. But you as we said Work and actually focusing and working on time kept me sane throughout the year. So i'm going to say. I fail because that would be unkind. Wouldn't it. I wonder how many of us became workaholics last year. Just as survival technique. one thing. I did which i'm going to do again this year. Because i think it's really getting today is at the end of every month on nine hundred down everything that i achieved as a that. Got me to remember things. I may have gotten otherwise that went on my original goals. So would you like to know the other things that i achieved. Absolutely because you you're involved in the first one we hosted we hosted the first ever lesbians. You right meet up event in march. I know who knew that would probably be the less humans could gather but it was really it was a great success. Allow people showed up. We had like twentieth people in a pup in central london and it was great man. It was relocated to meet a lot of fellows. There's an readers buddha. But she april hastened to add We also attended the self publishing formula comforts which was our one loan publishing event of the year. I really did miss conferences and vents this year on a hope to do some online ones next year or this year. Sorry not next year where this year we also carry this podcast costs on all fucking year. Say well done us. Rambos hosted an episode all on your lonesome. I'm sorry about that. But considering i leave this one fucking episode. Yeah pretty good is there. Were times like. I was literally getting out of bed two minutes before. I think we did an excellent job. I'm gonna to i on the back. Kept by the pokonos. Going one of the things i did. Push rep show a little bit more for direct sales and that's been a big success. Web shop is now my third best platform for book sales of kindle and apple. Only no i think we should give ourselves upon the back. Twenty twenty was a very difficult to get three if he got through tool while done. But i think having the jobs we do having the what we do was a savior for by the say. And having you actually give us some feedback and having you enjoy and tell us you want you want us to continue on the lesbians you right path. That was.

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