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This guy sounds like the rare savant did there are looking to all the indices and now they're not studying demographic hohns list fright rights you know it is it ahmic needs noda you're you're right we do we take people that are either drugaddled or completely insane right and we start we do the same thing we do with our pets like hey why i'm trying to keep you out of traffic you should be thanking make but i'm a dog with an accord size brain smelled something on the other side of the story i want to go that way i don't care about the afc dupree truck layup yet but we always lay it down our our brain patterns on this other entity that doesn't think it yeah like we do right we do that without kedah and isis as well sadly that brings us into trouble down flying air blando building it doesn't make sense luigina ps4 and you know you know burgers and countdown we do that with everything we disagree with like when you have kids and you don't you would never dream of hitting your kids who would hit their kid doesn't make to who who would have sex with her daughter rough like it's like it's insane on if if i didn't know like i didn't have yet news yeah the s but it at the news i would go 00 that it's impossible as another what it is impossible though no one would ever do that right but who of the new so it's like eighty episodes by ripe i think that's bills passed a nation with creeps in general is constantly trying to think like fuck what your why would you do that you have we do wanna know you want to have that answer because there's nothing that you would do we have an obsession with ccri completely we have an obsession with priests that dino pedophile pre.

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