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Patience worst people that that is still support these this psychopath. Racism Sergeant is and everything has gone, is minus zero now I. Even put people that you wouldn't believe I mean I thought the people that are you know Hispanic, and and and and sometimes say well I. I support him and I said. How can you I mean? Are you that stupid that you would vote against your own interest? Is. That's my patience has gone down for those kind of people. That was a hell of a phone call. Your father, I'm very. Very happy that you call Carla. We're on the same wavelength. Thank you very much by the way she's talking about. She said when Spanish people you read the whole thing about the guy who runs Goya who praised a president trump, and now there's this huge boycott of his product. Goi Beans on their shelf. I think he's not retreating his his position is. He's totally with the present. We have literally have to pick one. Marjorie okay we had to be quick I'm sorry. Lauren from marble marblehead. Thank not marble town, marblehead, wherever you are high lauren kyw largely, please. Let's. Hospital in Boston and I am on a daily basis surrounded by just amazing people and. In this whole pandemic brings out. The more amazing of it all, but then I go home and I go. I, stopped busted stores though I I present on social media and I am profoundly disheartened at what I see alum from science deniers to the trump is trump supporters in that people, haters and the the. It makes me so sad so I personally think it brings out the best insomnia salmon, the worst and other. The same spot. That's perfectly acl. True become more of what you are, maybe except for Jim Brady who seems to have. was like a head transplant. It's really impressive. Tonight two more drift, thank you. Very much okay, we are done. Thank you very much for tuning in and thank you very much for the calls and the emails, and for listening to another edition of Boston public radio tomorrow going to be joined. By Senator Ed Markey. We'll talk to him about everything's going down. In DC courses campaign as well as self declared transportation nerve Jim. We WanNA. Thank our crew Chelsea Murs Arjun. Singh's my matthews, and you believe in calmly or engineers John Parker offsite engineers are Mile Smith and Smith and Goal Day Goldstein was on TV Jim well. There's one city that has not opened in the whole state and the mayor of that city. Joker Tony.

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