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Mono demonstrations continue


Police officer Derek Calvin is behind bars ABC's Ryan borough officer Derek shop and he's being held at the Ramsey county adult detention center in St Paul that's about twelve miles from where George Floyd was arrested Monday night he's being held on five hundred thousand dollar bond no court dates have been set this is ABC news it is the beginning of a new era for commercial space travel NASA launching two astronauts from U. S. soil on a rocket ship designed by space X. which is owned by Ilan musk they are now headed to the international space station ABC's Meghan covers the end on Wednesday SpaceX scrubbed the launch seventeen minutes before lift off because of bad weather this morning the weather was still uncertain but clearing in the hour before take off the goal proof of private companies like SpaceX can deliver astronauts to the international space station and get them home safely Bob thank an integrally the two astronauts on board ABC's Jim Ryan has more on the spaceship this is a completely different animal from the capsules that were launched in the sixties in the seventies the diodes in the knobs and dials in them though the little windows this is just too flat screens in front of the astronaut in seats that are designed specifically for those individual people so that there is comfortable as they can be a lot

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