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President, Governor Cooper And North Carolina discussed on This Morning - America's First News with Gordon Deal


Shiri Preston has plans are made for the funeral of George Floyd more marches and vigils took place across the country last night things were much calmer ABC's mark Millar was with the marchers in New York City thousands of marchers moved down some of Manhattan's main avenues marching dozens of blocks from the east side to midtown central Columbus circle gathering in front of one of president trump's hotels as a city wide curfew said in here because the cops are killing all my brothers and sisters and this is Tom stopped most vehicles have been banned in most of Manhattan and lifts are not running Markram Malard ABC news New York curfew in New York City lifted about an hour ago in Washington DC thousands gathered near the Lincoln Memorial outside the White House gates A. B. C.'s Rachel Scott was there out in front of the White House thousands of young protesters taking a knee chanting George Floyd to name they are United they are a diverse group and they want to see the racial inequality in this country address by the president of the United States now as far as how long they plan to do this how long they plan to organize and take to the streets they say they plan to be back out here again George Floyd's funeral is being planned for Houston former boxer Floyd Mayweather will be paying for services presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to attend Ferguson Missouri electing its first black mayor overnight the Republican National Convention not gonna be in Charlotte anymore looks like a series of tweets president trump says North Carolina governor Roy Cooper refused to guarantee the Republican National Convention could be held in Charlotte without covert nineteen restrictions so the president is seeking another state to host the summer's event governor Cooper deny the RNC's requests for a full convention given the pandemic saying fewer people social distancing and face coverings are necessary maybe she's handy feel Tennessee Florida and Georgia governors all offering.

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