Former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd's death to appear in court


This is the day in Minneapolis for George Floyd he died while in police custody with one officer shown on video pain in his knee into Floyd's knack three other officers charged in connection with Floyd's death will make their first court appearance today the former officers are charged with aiding and abetting officer Derek shopping as he put his knee on George what snack during an arrest that led to his death Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tells ABC's Good Morning America to win the case is they'll have to prove that those officers helped you can look at the tape and see who's sitting where and see the assistance that was given a meaningful important assistance to what China was doing and so there's we believe that we can also see what was not done he admits convicting cops is a challenge but says he's confident in their case Ribeiro ABC news Minneapolis another memorial scheduled in just a few hours in Brooklyn where Floyd's brother lives in peaceful protests expected to take place again in cities and communities around the country I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news

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