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Odd Bjorn and welcome Swinton Yours Metro. Could he ks mental health podcast? I'm Yvette and we're doing things but at the moment because of the epidemic today. I'm chatting soup Professor Mike Combs. He's the vice chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners. We're going be fine the out about how. Gp's coping at the moment and how the health service might be affected after the epidemic We do know is I think. Definitely different general practice Evolved changed rapidly last Pepsi's accesses in a different way using technology and much more over way. But you know I think I'm despite the fact that has been changes work so it's GonNa. I'm still quite certainly where I would. Let's get to hear What's Today worked? Like how change because of the prime of it. So I think The Access to general practitioners. So we're asking patients to use the phone who use the Internet to contact us and then we're cooling back in assessing than needs and often weekly video consultations which we have helped in. We're trying to do with as as many agent requests hitting outweighs possible We're using more than one more. My Corona virus type symptoms. But we're also got the ability to save people both in the way I'd also Problems you are. A few people have been put off new ways. Contacting be found. People have adopted very quickly. Immi indicated you. I think people were the public with that. Had An amazing response and using services really appropriately and trying to keep away. She hasn't we have noticed that there was a reduction agent edgy cat activity. You know at one point. I think we're probably seeing a twenty five percent reduction of cool cozy against Over time has become slide worrying. And we're seeing fewer people they admitted to hospital for Co Coburg Related Issues Where seeing numbers referrals to Secondary Cancer Hospital Services has Jesus for example the two week. Wait referrals potential. Cancer diagnoses seems to have gone down by fifty percent. So we all worried that people have changed their behavior and it's and it's resulting Perhaps not presenting to general practice. We've probably be able to today. What about these mental health issues? Do you think people are still stiff? Hesitates to him thinking that they should getting touch that. Gps The moment useful thing. There is an element is I was talking to some colleagues From I AP and from so. That's the local psychological therapies service and also from the Somme and tell them to have reduced And I think we also you see few patients presenting with mental health issues which is again a bit of a worry. 'cause you know what we suspected that those programs have increasing due to the low kind due to the current situation so we all trying to get message out. General Practices Oakland to business. I mean we really would like to contact his a took him. Yeah definitely because I'm sure it's it's a very difficult time for lots of people for twenty two issues on that people with longtime mental health issues finding things harder at the moment but also Perhaps people who might not sit had mentally south issues before dealing with a great deal of sedans. Artie and other issues How you finding yourself that things like that. The video calls and of telephone calls with patients. I mean do you think it must be very difficult to support people especially with mental issues that way? Different I think. And we're having to adapt to that have to make the best of it and to be honest. We all able to communicate. We only see patients affected. Say is being in the same room with human connection and the definitely different I think it's okay. We're managing to have conversations and you know we do have the ability to see people and if absolutely necessary and of course We meet we have capacity to do that. We already sort of done how some people might be sort of hesitation about event the GP even if they had quite a serious issue are you. There might be some sort of Possible sort of Russians under people going to the doctor after tendon because over. That's one of the things that we have been talking about. You won't come next and I think general practice. He's starting to pass that and we want to avoid being overwhelmed and and we're starting to reach out to patients who we think might might be higher. School is situation where they might need our input so many long term condition and of course mental health is one of them. So we're thinking about well which civilian into to me to reach out to you Pets on dementia patients The pictures that practice of being at high risk for the reasons whether a history of safeguarding or perhaps domestic abuse history in the past you know building teams in the practice to then reach out and try and connect them productivity wrongly and just waiting to contact to What about GP's themselves? What kind of challenges? They face into the right mental health because it must be quite stressful time as a stressful time for all of us but it must be particularly Houghton Sosa from frontlines. Much me something where we we all. Well I think the changes in themselves and the ducks into new rated working has been one thing Obviously the risk of contracting to rotavirus yourself to play to think the meal Piccolo know patients. He's had an not a challenge. Either thing that we've come across the cruces A workload in terms of our shielding patients and contacting patients cat home near the vulnerable sincere and having difficult conversations about What they want for their future K. You know whether they want to be casual. Do they want to go into? And those conversations are really difficult to the best of times when you're in the face to face situation but during the do them have those conversations when you're not Is a is is quite stressful. So I think we all worried about. Gp We're trying to Offer resources And support for them to take it out their own well-being James Difficult time. Well supported the out there for GP's in particular. So I think we're so the the role Kanji the being a brokerage house. Educating the major stake goes energy I think in a strong to encourage don't healthcare professionals just to think about themselves focus on their law style to take because die The sleep access always make sure they could social connection and try to avoid an unhealthy way the de de-stressing. That's really important will also Kim giving advice they can do. We're is in that practices to support each other and again. I think that there's a lot of evidence that that sort of support from your team has a huge benefit but we're also the people to resources the NHL has has a website people and don't UK whether fifty fleet apps not help tweak and managing stress. Mindfulness we'd worry anxiety to leak. Think they've been really. Well used an on on top of that the helpline album on mountains. That's seven days a week. I'd also bereavement support line Which I think is getting at both getting really take

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