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A more partisan process. Republican Senator Rob Portman, just $25 million is very bold of me, and now they want to do another 25. That'd be great. But let's put the 1st 25 1st budget resolution could start as early as next week without bipartisan support. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he's willing to move ahead by using the budget reconciliation process to pass from the new administration's covert 19 priorities. As the liquid Terra. ABC NEWS Washington officials in a number of Cape Cod towns say the state's rollout of covert vaccines has made a challenging to get residents vaccinated and failed. This town manager Julian Suso says the vaccine supply is low in the state is giving little notice and how much will be available and when for what he says is now a confusing process over and sandwich officials say the town could not commit to covert vaccine clinics for its more than 2000 residents over the age of 75. Fire chief John Burke says the state supply isn't nearly enough. The amount of vaccines and we've been told by the state we're going to receive per week is 100. At that rate, he says It would take years to vaccinate the entire town, talking a year and a half two years at that drip rate of vaccines to vaccinate that subset population. Those problems stretch across the Cape. As Barnstable County says. In addition to a low vaccine supply, their help line is still being flooded by senior citizens confused and had a book an appointment. Him done WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, other promising development for one of the cove in 19 vaccine Still in development, it's Johnson and Johnson, claiming that their single shot vaccine is 66% effective at preventing the disease. 85% effective against preventing severe illness, although other vaccines from five year in modern herbal for port about a 95% success rate against disease. Dr Dan Bruce, one of the vaccines, developers tells ABC. Johnson and Johnson's vaccine has its pros, though, including convenient transportation and storage requirements, which could reach regions without equipment needed for Fizer and modernize facts. He has been developed as a single shot vaccine that does not require sub zero freezing. So we feel that those parameters will facilitate the rapid and extensive roll out of this vaccine both in our country and abroad. The company will Request emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration as early as next month. Frustration growing from million's trying to sign up online for a covert vaccine on Lee Divine that they can't in Bethesda, Maryland. Larry Fall, thought he was getting his covert vaccine today, but we had an appointment confirmed and we were told that only one a was going to be used today, and we were turned around and said, do not come back today because you're not going to get a shot. Larry spent hours on a Maryland site finding and getting his appointment only to discover a glitch confirmed him when it shouldn't like millions, he's starting again. From scratch. And you feel the ABC News Washington? Well, it seems like everyone is getting kind of worked up about getting their hands on a vaccine. WBC's Karen Regal spoke with an expert in anxiety. It's a very hard thing to hand over all your control and we don't have control right now. We have no control on making the vaccine when will get it and who's going to give it to us? All of this is a wonderful recipe for anxiety soup. Dr. Todd Marconi from Boston University suggests breaking down this huge problem Cove it death economic issues when the kids get back to school. Into small, manageable steps, remembering what you can control. Well, now I can live my life and go back to trying to deal with this pandemic. Manage things, the best that I can given the circumstances. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, and now many health experts are saying it's time to double mask, especially with several Corona virus variants circulating, But not all doctors agree with that. KCNC televisions. Jeff Todd spoke to one expert in Denver. Double masking has come because Mass don't fit. I'm sure you've tried different ones, and some of them just you know, you just feel like Oh, this is terrible Doctor May Chu has been studying personal protective equipment for years. When you double mast, you actually create more resistance and you don't want to. Use it because you can't breathe. So you have to find that comfort. But the main thing is to wear something that's comfortable that fits where you reduce the leakage. She's seen political leaders and others start doubling up in recent weeks. It says the science shows one good mask works. The center for Disease Control is currently studying the effectiveness of double masks. They have not yet released data to support whether it's better. And using a single mask. Everyone wants.

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