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Taking care of business next report 143 wbz's traffic on the 3s thank you jim and now the van doorn or the van loan school that and a good college religiously fourday wbz accuweather forecast with meteorologist danielle niles sunshine increasing today except for at the coastline where some stubborn clouds will hang tough particularly from the south shore to cape cod cool highs in the mid to upper 40s mainly clear skies tonight except for scattered clouds and the cape low of thirty four downtown mid20 and the suburbs sunshine and a few increasing clouds late tomorrow high of fifty then tomorrow night in arctic front comes in there'll be a quick rain shower and that a blast of cold air sunshine on friday but temperatures in the thirties windshield values and the 20s with the northwest wind fifteen to thirty miles per hour saturday morning near record cold start with winch allies in the single digits and team ends sunny skies in the afternoon a high of only thirty nine sunday not quite as cold increasing clouds late high of forty five i'm wbz tv meteorologist danielle niles wbz newsradio 1030 it is forty four via news time one thirty five dozens of haitian and central american immigrants rallied at the state house today calling on the federal government to extend the temporary protective status or tps four millions of immigrants who came into the us dude of hardship in their homelands wbz's lana jones tells us many are now on the verge of becoming undocumented immigrants who've been here as many as twenty years say conditions remained dangerous back home for them and their families obviously we not an already and that may be the only got out one where are waiting for the day that land now week basically what among haiti patricia mantegazza of central present they says the trump administration is trying to treat these immigrants like criminals this administration is basically throwing families in them in a live and local meant that people people that dbs the immigrants.

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