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Pokomo comes at lowell fdc was extreme yeah do you do patron stuff own yes i do so and strategies atley i've been i've been down for the last month so i advocated konta ibod does the people in goma bhakti in new year i apologise which hadn't you didn't hear from your a donors that uh they were upset oh oh i i got two or three people early hey bro i can't afford it you aren't left your yeah yeah the dance permanent right those people are gonna come back maybe they will i got to email me email let them know about the world other comebacker not um i always so people were if you give me something great i always subroto if you're broke just hit the subscribe button and found these i understand people don't have money to be donate money out all the time either so there's also free ways to support my proceed that to them so your story which is kind of a surprise uh amazon is going to start selling once again apple tv and google chrome cast and their site they didn't for the longest time uh it competes against fire tv why and what do you think that means own amazon the series i wanna talk about the target deal amazon wants to sell everything yep and they have a they have something is in direct competition with them but it also sells like hot cakes but it also release of their other products because some of their product say oh we work with google home and then people see that they can't buy it all they're in a bundle they might go somewhere else and by that option as a bundle package so they want to sell everything they need to sell everything so i feel like that's why they're bring it back and how so they don't lose opportunities with all these smart home devices for a person that might not want.

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