#462 - I Can't Breathe

Dogma Debate


Partially because of the violence destruction. And eventually the conversation. At least it should go back to the murder of George Floyd. what is many people be talking about it if the if it was peaceful marching. I don't think. There's no way. I don't think so so on one hand I go. You know it's. It's sad to me when A small business owner and this. This is a specific example of a guy. WHO I don't even remember where it was were cutting back and forth between so many cities at the same time it's it's hard to keep track, but. There was one where where a black gentleman runs out. Of His business, yelling protesters, saying I came from the hood to. I built myself up. I finally have a business in Y'all WANNA destroy my business. You want to steal from me you WANNA destroy my truck and he's he's in tears. He screaming at the me so angry that they are ruining his business, his life, his vehicle and he's a part of that community. and that's heartbreaking, but that getting on the news as sad as it is as destructive as it is that getting on the news creates the conversation. and I I would like to say I wish. There was a way to create the conversation without it, and there's no doubt if there were you know if we had twelve cities where people were blocking a major interstate for two hours. That would definitely get. Media attention. but when it shifts to. Surrounding a police car and smashing bricks through it. Well. I don't know what you. What you would expect the officer to do in that situation I mean if you were if that officer was your brother or father and protesters surrounded that car and started smashing the windows with bricks. How how you know, what is he supposed to work? What just? Just be killed by protesters just. Like I, don't understand you know so it when he drives and hits a few people and then swerves out of the way people going. This is evidence of police violence of going. Yeah, it's terrible, but. Just think about being a human being inside of a car and most of the cops. I've seen interviewed most the cops every cop actually that I've talked to every cop that I've seen do a video. Every single one of them are on the protesters side. They're saying this was awful. This was murder. The chief of Police in Minneapolis said it was murder, and it's it's this is terrible, but in these individual incidents unlike what? What would you do you know in that situation where you're in a car and an even though you agree with the protestors, it's not like you can have an episode of this podcast. You're right then. It's not like you can bring up nuance. It's an it's an angry mob you know and then, and then it just creates this. The if I, ask protesters. What do you want them to do? The answer's going to be stopped killing us. The answer is going to be acknowledged that black lives. Matter will yeah, that's a that's a big picture issue in your one hundred percent right, but what is that COP's supposed to do? In that moment you know. It's like. I don't know it's a really sketchy situation, and it's gotta be scary for everybody involved and I just wish we were handling ourselves better so that we didn't even need to get to this point. You know we should have been doing something about this for years and I'm angry too I. I'm earning for the family to every time. I watched the video and see this man saying I can't breathe I get the anger, and I've never even experienced being black, but I understand the anger and outrage and I just I don't know sometimes I'm at a loss for words. Yeah, I mean this is. We're talking about a three hundred year narratives, and we're taking our lives in our generation and trying to contextualized it within. so it becomes. It becomes more complex at that point. In my opinion, he talked about the small business owner and I'm one hundred percent there with you I understand exactly what you're saying. We also talked about if it wasn't for. Smashing of windows in the taking of TV's or accessories, which is just stuff in the face of. Human Life. I keep coming back. This thought this was an uncomfortable thought. I found in my head the other day, and I just can't quite shake it which is. that. The very rich in the corporations have had such influence over policy and politics, specifically speaking in the last fifty years with the adage of Buckley Ho, and then finally the final nail in the coffin, being citizens united where we've seen their money in their influence policy every time, whereas the will of the people almost never get. We never get change just because we wanted, but money gets the policies they want. We see the tax cuts for the billionaires. We see the tax cuts for the corporations. We seek deregulation. All you can see on a graph as the money started flowing politics, things started to go their way. Suddenly it's on their doorstep. Target is already come out and said we're in favor of the protestors in. Hey, that was just the store we can rebuild. You can't rebuild. You can't bring somebody back to life. and. It feels to me like in a sense. Yes, you people with the influence. It's come to your doorstep. It's terrible I wouldn't wish I wouldn't say. Violence or looting, or any of those things are the way to go, but just like the pandemic where you could say hey, this was a seminal moment. I didn't wish for a pandemic, but change had to come, and we began to understand the benefits of of of A. Of Higher minimum wage of of universal healthcare, we'll just like that I wouldn't wish looting or riots, but I can see how this coming to the doorsteps of the rich and the corporations who have the influence, and now they have to say to themselves. Maybe social issues are now in our financial best interest that we take these things seriously and so although i. I wouldn't wish it. I can see how a change can come as a result of it and I. This was not a thought I welcomed in my head I said that's basically you justifying not violence because I don't think smashing an inanimate window is a violent act necessarily, but it's destructive act I wouldn't wish for destruction, but I can't help it say..

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