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Yeah who knows. The fans still got their opinions but they took the personal reasons. And y'all start breaking only got three days four days or whatever for playing one hundred six days when every single day so i think that made this decision. They'll stay with their families dressing up. Do to do for a young guy what you're saying. What's the all star game still special like every chance. You get to be a part of this for you. Never once like this moment for brandon opportunity. Come here and celebrate with family over friends represent the yankees are fan. Base is something that i never once a grand. Never wanna miss. This opportunity can also still gives me chills here being around these guys future hall of famers coaches everything. It's opportunity to describe it once again. It's time for the pocket. Protector central the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name be analytics. What do you got for me. Anthony the twenty twenty one. All star game is here with forty two first timers on the league. Rosters a new record. It feels like the league is turning over a new leaf the faces of the game in each league. Guerrero junior and fernando tatis. Junior are both twenty two. While two way unicorns shohei ohtani just turned twenty seven flat. He could become the youngest player. Ever tip for the triple. Crown will not become the first player since chuck klein in nineteen thirty two to lead the legal homers and stolen bases. It's also time to look back. Were the first half of two thousand twenty one race and of historical context. The twenty three point eight league. Strikeout percentage is at an all time high continuing a trend. That's been going his direction for the last decade or so each. Mlb game on average nearly eighteen combined strikeouts per game also an all time high even though strikeouts are on the rise so is the long ball at two point. Four home runs per game in two thousand twenty one. that's the fourth highest mark. The sport has ever seen the. Al has won seven straight all star games tied for the third longest streak by any league. Ever but the last on the all star game was in denver. We saw twenty one combined runs the most in all star game history with these performance of otani. Both starting has a pitcher and leading off as a hitter. Let's just say it'll be a safe bed. We won't see a repeat performance of one thousand nine hundred eight chosen for baseball fans. Take game we love. Hello everyone this is jones win. I hope everyone enjoyed the all star festivities speaking of which i wanna touch on that real quick. Now it's just mopping. But i enjoy baseball. All star festivities more than any other sports. The essence at a game of baseball rid itself of excitement. Which leads me to the home. Run derby speaking. On 'sensitive gang who in the best players are usually synonymous in baseball. I like other sports. West players might be considered more specials. I like the phrase they use in boxing were referring to the knockout punch as a great equalizer. Which in fact is what the whole run is to baseball now as exciting as the homer derby as the real prize is is the actual all-star game for transparency purposes must admit i did prefer hope field advantage for the world series from the law. But it is what it is ain't tripping because also unlike other sports baseball's all-star game is a real game. Dad brings up that phrasing as the game it allows for both sides to play a legitimate game with the very best of the best when not saying legitimate. I'm referring to be able to play the game full speed versus going through the motions. Now gotta give a shout out to pete alonso for becoming the third player since kid. Ken griffey junior. And you're winning is to win back to back home. Run derbies same. Goes for the american league for winning the all star game. We've had some incredible storylines this first half of the season. I'm excited for what the upcoming trade deadline has in store and the remainder of what's left on this historic campaign bringing the closer here's why. Lv is better than the nfl or nba and it isn't even close number. One baseball is better than the nba. And the nfl man. Oh man let me tell you. Coors field did not disappoint in the apartment at the all star game. Man of food was so good. A like a pig. But i'm gonna give a special shout out to coors field for their hotdog. Oh my god. I could not believe it. I had an all be foot long hot dog on a warm bon with sauerkraut and mustard. I definitely needed a cigarette after that. It was at good my goodness you don't know how dogs on always created equal. You go places. But i baseball. There's like a hot dog out of baseball game. I don't i don't know people will hotdogs. Football games hotdogs basketball game. But there's something about a hot dog at a baseball game would be year or diet coke. Whatever you drink with. There's something about it and go in there. I had posted to eat anything i wanted. And i still wound up sam. I'm back in the ballpark back on the big stage as far as of the all star game and i have to have a dog and my goodness. I was not disappointed.

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