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Going to be ready to run whatever is best race is he just gonna have to improve on the numbers his best Beyer figure so far is only eighty five is going to have to come up about ten points to have a chance would you be if if it is the law does not win this race this afternoon deck who's the most next likely winner it happened to win him his two races this year wards just awesome and I thought his race at Belmont when he went up a mile the sixteenth at one thirty nine and three and you don't see that very often it was one of those you're watching that and you go all right well at some point the sources probably gonna start to shorten stride not only did he not do that he was still whitening in stride at the finish line if he comes out of the gate and he's a length or two in front after a quarter mile I think he's going to be very very difficult to catch we're talking to Dick Girardi alright I love some of the props on bet online civic I'm gonna throw some some of them that you want to get your thoughts on those all right margin of victory over under one and a half lengths yeah I'm gonna go over one and a half lengths it gives it happens the win wins and I think he's the he's the worst I'm picking I think you saw the wind by a significant margin if there's a long way in M. indica circuit where they get the most likely winner I don't think it's going to be a huge March all right how about will there be a Triple Crown winner here in twenty twenty I kinda like the money yes a plus fifty five fifty I know the races are spread out but if the most likely winner wins today into is the law very talented three year old yeah I I probably wouldn't go the other way I'm not gonna take it might say about late night the host who did Tyler so yep on plane at all I'm with you pick the plus five fifty or eleven to one of our clients I do not however think is the laws say of the caliber of black Americans borrower justifier even some of the near misses in recent years license plate Alex and Smarty Jones but a look at the Wendy's I was you know one that's why would you be happy to have a ticket on it at eleven until at that point all right how bout the winning time today in the Belmont Stakes over under one forty eight and five I would get on paper I'm saying over I just don't think there's any horses that fast but the one big issue with that and I would caution people on this fat or nonfat online got AG wait until you watch a couple races today and then maybe make that Pat see how fast the services because you never know sometimes on these big breaks they service gets as you can get really fast yeah with the returning your you're right about that and that's fair and you get a judge the surface and and how the services is it deep or is it playing more to speed and and you're going to get some of those better race times we're talking to Dick Jordie Benn online dot AG mark but loses with you right here on the fan on this Saturday no digan handles it you know the interest in thoroughbred racing you know due to unfortunate circumstances but what the sport returning in this pandemic you know you're seeing handle even at smaller racetracks across the country going up and up but I would expect it would be a pretty good handle today about my yeah I don't think there's any question it's interesting horse racing was the one sport that was in a unique situation to take advantage of what actually happened because as you know mark ninety percent of the money and horseracing sped away from the race track anyway the people are used to betting on their phones are on their laptops no course in April and may with a hundred percent and the tracks that were able to stay open like all state park in Florida Oaklawn park in Arkansas you're talking from smaller tracks like Bonner park in Nebraska panhandle numbers were off the charts crazy and I suspect the same thing is going to happen is it for for Belmont Stakes day obviously no fans but people are just behind the battle okay thanks and they're dying to watch something so yeah I would think they handle numbers tomorrow will be astronomical and find one for you Dick I interviewed more Cassie a little bit earlier on the program he said basically he's got no other choice break in the from the row with Johnny vis go live Velasquez handle it the way it happened to wins going and hopefully you know he's going right to the front and play catch me if you can write yeah I had no question I think the rail if there was any other decision to be made that ended it when he got the railing I'm sure mark wasn't thrilled with the last minute entrance up for laughs too okay can't win but he has enough speed to be potentially could make life difficult for Capital One and but yeah and markets as you said me going first third straight Triple Crown race win which is that hello thank you that morning I was going for three in a row then scratch that itch right one streamer star win Triple Crown races that are you know they say they want to want more and more minority basically said as much no question and look mark got elected the hall of fame this year is deservedly so and that you won't get that there won't be a a ceremony this year up at Saratoga springs get post until next year but yeah he's he's absolutely one of the best in the country Hey Dick I enjoyed the last ten twelve minutes here good luck today good luck in the Belmont let's go tap into winter right you've got everybody happy about that you gotta take your already bet online dot AG check it out they've got wonderful prop bets it is the law the favor in the Belmont today but ticket myself both on the the one tactic to win loses with the Saturday edition preview on the Belmont right here the fan in New York right it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the.

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