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Down by sixteen years. Don, Indiana has dug himself. Quite a whole. I think the comeback starts at defensive end offensively. And it has not looked very sharp. Turnovers. Long rebounds, some points in transition. I think that's kind of a recipe to get your feet your toes wet so to speak. Into the offensive mix, Indiana just defensively. Not looking sharp offensively only four nineteen from the field force some turnovers here. It's gotta come easy this offensively. It looks really tough out there right now for Nina you start getting turnovers gets an easy layups in transition crowd into the game. I think you can turn this game around for right now. Really quiet in here and Brassica great job taking the crowd out of the game. Indiana's got to do something here. I think four some turnovers kind of change in the pace of this game. At the defensive end. I think you gotta start Jon Morgan is on the bachelor two files. Now, Glenn watchable. Inbound Watson is a aerobic whose return Roby. Gotta by story. Throws it out the Watson between the circles, he jumps back to Robie. I post left holds onto it dribbles out of the right throws it back left off to Palmer. Palmer top of the key goes to Thomas drives inside throws up shot won't go up and got the rebound bri-. You gives it up to rob. Bribes it across the timeline quickly. The seat to the top now right past Jack Roberts. She looks low back outside comes to rob Betsy now to Justin Smith. He gets it after mcroberts who goes to fantasy Wrightwood venison downloaded fister on the baseline little jump shot. No good again stars really struggled to make anything, but he shot here in the last few ballgames watching Gibson outside the alley Allen now hands it off to Watson Watson gives it up to the top of the key to watch. It Watson throws it into Robbie knocked away stolen by sack Roberts. Roberts. Visit the finished. He brings it back. The other way Roberts on the left side of the circle right them Smith. Justin, hands off the devante green. Green polls up from sixteen feet shod shot. No, good rebound. Palmer for Nebraska takes it. The other way has stripped away by Fetzner. He thought he got all ball. But the official says no picks up. His first bottle the ball through watch possessions for Indiana Dong, shooting four twenty one or four twenty two whatever it is. At this juncture here you got to get some guys going in for some offensive rebounds. At some point you got to think, well, we're not shooting. Well, maybe I'll go in there and see if I can get one Indiana has not gotten on the glass, very well here. Either in the first half Klopp comes into Copland. It gives out the Robie Palmer with the basketball between the circles got it by Romeo Langford is just check back in for mcroberts. He goes right side with a pass out front. The Copland Copeland drives down inside has a ball stripped away and another follow Evan fester. He's got to. Which is to easy coming off a simple downstream to get inside the paint. Their rascal is living inside the pain Indiana's defense seventy collapse time three guys around the ball and fitness slaps Copeland right on the wrist. So Copeland goes to the line. He is six points in this ball game free throw shooter at seventy one percent missiles that one. Got it. Just quick enough here with the radio kiss almost missed it. Comes out of the ball games. You board and returns for Indiana's playing with two fouls here. Six eighteen to go on behalf. So Archie gambling a little bit trying to keep him. In the ball game as much as he can second shot is good by Copeland. He's got his seven point of the game. And it is twenty six to nine. Indiana has really struggled offensively and obviously defensively as well. There's nothing have has gone, right? Thus far for this. I you ballclub. Here's rob venison between the circles. Right side, pastor Romeo lifer. Langford one dribble gives it up to Girard. He comes left to rob. Where the ball back outside the Justin Smith, he goes to Durham back-off Smith almost away, but Justin comes up with it takes it inside prize with off a runner they call him for traveling. So another turnover Indiana has struggled every phase of this game tonight except free throw shooting. And that's because they haven't had a. Fine spacing has been really four for this Indian offense. It's tough to play basketball and drive to the basket. And everyone is so close together. You gotta be better spacing authencity enforcing blasting. Make a decision. Here's Isaiah Roby on the left. Forever dribbles it to the right to Copeland on the right wing. He looked at the free decided not to take it gives to Robie Roby cut off at. He fires up a three and misses it injustice. Scott Reebok step breaks down. The floor. Finds Rubio Lankford left side Romeo. Looks top of the key gives it up to finish drop. He looks inside gifts to Durham back out to finish goes right to Romeo language takes it to the wing or whistle blows. And we've got a foul call it is a aerobic away from the basketball second personal on Roby. You must have been badly low with John. Robie did not like the call. But he sits down is two miles takes out of the ball game. And they bring in. Tanner board car once again, the senior. Venezuelan variety. You rob looks throws it into Justin Smith. Smith gives it back within ASEAN works at backout. Brought between the circles to Langford to the left fourteen. Now, the shock Clark Romeo now works. Top of the key double team gives it up to Joan Lon. Long three on its way off the ram DASA's around. No, good rebound back. The other way ball in the hands. James Palmer, all the top takes it to the left drives inside kicks out to Copeland through three and he rims this one. No, good rebound comes off. Joon bounces to Rubio Langford down the other white bass passed a fantasy into the lane. He goes throws it up. I watch the ball. Gets the crowd excited. Six to eleven Indiana. Railing and this time tested Obrastsova here is with the basketball Allah throws it outside. The COPA comes left to watch. It watch it to the top for the right side down low pulls up throws it back outside the Allan Allan. Comes outside throws up a long three off the rim. No. But the Longboard comes to Glenn Watson. They get a new thirty out of it. Well, actually o'clock start properly. Hey, twenty twenty I guess started counting down. Nebraska players go to the sideline a free time out here is they try to fix the clock. Cal Durham looks like he has shaken up jerem heads to the sideline Tim girl rose to take a look at him. And so we'll check to the sideline it looks like. And here comes into the ball game for the first time. So more checks in the lineup. Good opportunity here for Clinton, Indiana struggling, and we talked about on several occasions and fans I ain't gonna take good opportunity here for Clinton he adds some size defensively to protect the Rams offensively. He'll do the things that he asked him set streams roll to the basket. And I just think second chance opportunity really important for this Indiana team. I mentioned it before. But she was twenty one percent from the field. You would think that more guys would be going to the offense of glass. I think that's one thing. You know, you'll get from Clifton more hill tack the offensive glass here. Give your your team a chance if you missed the shot at a second chance opportunity Copeland. Bam drives it to the left side up. The palmer. He threw it down low in the cart. He misses the shot of the rebound comes off the more. Indiana down the floor Rubio's got at the end of the land. So what the shot? Right. Her fading away for the bad ones. Twenty six to thirteen. The atas Romeo Lankford. We'll go to the free throw line looking for a great outlet pass by cliff Demonte hit Romi on the right wing before the defense is able to set off. I think that's what Indiana's got to continue to do. Now. If it's not there be disciplined enough to back it out run your half court sets. But if this at this point, but how poorly you've been shooting try to get something early in transition before the defense can set up fouls on Tanner burkhart. That's his second the free. Throw by Romeo is good. Langford three point play out of it. Be Anna has suddenly got back in the fans excited at least. Six to fourteen. Here's a little ball. Face the gangs Brady Hyman for the first time in a long jump shot. For Nebraska, Indiana has got the rebound, here's Romeo. Top of the key backs. It out books drives right pulls up gives it offside of Smith now clipboard. He gives back to Justice across the key finds the mafia quarter left. He brings it back to the wing defender. Rob drives down low. He pulls up. But he does great jam step to the right? Great offense by Indiana, Nebraska, fly out the shooters, and rob with a nice gap that guy with the left hand almost got the and one really strong move by rob innocent timeout, a stall. But three forty wanted to go here on the first half. Indiana trying to fight their way back in their down. Twenty six to fourteen Linda Hanahata dealer's scoreboard back.

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