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This guy was trying to set up and see it in the officer's reaction when he got the reaction he wanted I guess


Was the governor made that announcement the state department of health says there were three hundred sixty six to cover nineteen cases today in Ohio with fifty two new deaths Kentucky governor any Bashir addressing the videos local police release that show David McEntee firing his gun there still so many other questions that are that are out there and then and that have to be answered governor Beshear says he has told the Kentucky state police critical incident response team is investigating the shooting of mcity their investigation must be thorough and he says the videos released Tuesday it will be useful but it is only one piece of a much larger and what will be an ongoing investigation the governor also announced that he's reducing the National Guard presence in Louisville he didn't say how many National Guard troopers will remain but says it is a sufficient amount if needed to respond I'm C. Sandoval local police chief Steve Conrad was fired Monday after it was learned two officers involved in the altercation do not have their body cameras activated before they

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