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You know what? Maybe you guys can help me with the name of it. All right? 'cause I have 5 names that I'm trying to pick from. But hurts. No. The butt hurt is gonna be you after Ohio State wax is Michigan. But you are gonna be butt hurt, rich, sports don't affect me the way that it affects you, okay? So we're gonna talk about butt hurt let that happen. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? This guy. We're having fun, then he's bringing real life. Well, because sometimes real, realism needs to be addressed. That doesn't have anything to do with what we're talking about. How play that right? Say your butt hurt without really, say you're not butthurt by actually acting like you've been buttered for like 5 straight minutes. It's okay. Okay. I honestly don't care. I don't know why we're wasting time on this. I don't think we're wasting time. I think this is an absolutely perfect use of rich eyes and show property. How should I carry Joe is pretty upset, right? Palo Ben Carroll looked amazing last night. We all agree with that. He did something with LeBron was the last one to come out of that best debut. His debut was better than LeBron, stat line was, but yeah, nobody's done it since. Which is what's he had 27, 9 and 5 last night. Pretty good. How about that? It's palaban Caro. How does this come out of your team? How did you just get up better than LeBron? He had a better debut than LeBron. I know, it's just funny that that's like people on Twitter was like, exactly. How about Zion? Every number one draft pick on earth that's ever happened. It's like we're taking on going into Brooklyn, guys. How about that? I was very shocked that the pelicans wax the nets like that. Where are you now? Kind of. Oh man, you got silly, you aren't? You got so many guys you could play. He got Luca. You're gonna name your team off after Luca. I couldn't name my team. Are you feeling Luca punk? I could do that. Okay. You know, I could go green and go Barrett. Oh, that's good. That's really good. Squid squid dame instead of squid.

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