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A hard time picking you'd be able to get to the final four you know i think arizona got something going out eight news claim couldn't any dig get we've seen over the last few years clients i don't think it virginia will have a have an answer for him i also think arizona mike i'm lucky actually i'm not say it's going to happen backing she's david can really giving kentucky across scheme davidson very good their claim prolific right now they've won eleven of thirteen uh but i completely agree i mean if if virginia villanova has just to see the elite eight from their bracket it's it's it's a me those teams are not paid pontius i'm silence they're not you look at cincinnati they've won a few games over which talk they beat houston that's it gave you a mop the floor with them in november i i you know to me gene i like more since without all right zach seton hall your ran a programme a bunch seating halls lost in the anc aa tournament each of the last two years and only the match up it's not an easy one now they gained a team that doesn't have a lotta nc aa tournament experience kevin keegan's has done a phenomenal job with the nc stay wolf pack she knows going to win this game though i'm sorry i gave him a to the biggest tournament i've given them a parent's each to last two years they need to show year taking get past this rammed this 64 get over this hurdle it's something they haven't done with kevin were they to this program a lot of pressure on seton hall they open up is like a one and a half or a two point favorite your initial reaction to seton hall in the eight nine game against anc stake outcry travel but no one your way i i thought it would be a seven in the father would be but you know it's can you splitting hairs and here's the other thing if you're home wouldn't you rather quite kansas that duke or north carolina in sacramento so either way if you're you know they're going to have a very tough game they walk fortunate enough to be in the same graca cincinnati or pu uh it's a very winnable game 10 palm life seen haltingly this game in the.

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