Harvey Weinstein, W. O., Mayor De Blasio discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


And station fifty five degrees with mostly cloudy skies at two o'clock good morning I'm Steve greenfield in polls in the democratic primary contest in Missouri were close for only minutes before analysts and others called the race for former vice president Joe Biden A. B. C.'s canned Martin reports from St Louis Biden jumped out to an early double digit lead over senator Bernie Sanders to take the state four years ago Sanders but the delegates in Missouri with former First Lady Hillary Clinton ABC news exit poll showed Missouri democratic voters chose bite by almost two to one is better than Sanders in two categories better able to unite the country and the candidate they trust to handle a major crisis among union voters who represent one fourth of Missouri voters Biden held a twenty five percent edge over centers kind Martin ABC news St Louis the corona virus spread has delayed the New York international Auto Show it will now run from August twenty eighth through September six at the Jacob Javits convention center the New York half marathon meanwhile scheduled for this Sunday has been outright canceled there are more than one hundred seventy five cases in New York state with thirty six of those in the city but mayor de Blasio says the ability to conduct testing is growing James flippin reports there's a plaza calls this a period of intensive testing aided by labs in the private sector he says that's a good thing because it gives them more data but it also means they can't give specifics on every case the detailed case break down we're not in that position to do that at this moment because so many new cases are coming forward he says the city is asking the federal government to send more masks for health care workers and first responders he's asking people to stagger work hours of telecommute if possible but on the good news site the city's first cases health care workers who travel to Iran could soon be cleared James flippant W. O. R. news Harvey Weinstein's brother says that he belongs well to put it bluntly in hell Lisa G. reports an unsealed court papers Bob Weinstein compared the disgraced movie mogul to OJ Simpson in an email exchange in November of twenty seventeen Bob it's sixty five years old is two years younger than Harvey also called his brother delusional and said he deserved a lifetime achievement award for the sheer savagery for the ACSI perpetrated wine scene is set to be sentenced Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court and could get up to thirty years in prison after being found guilty of a criminal.

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