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Link if you enjoy this podcast and we've heard from a lot of you who do and we appreciate it then. Please tell anderson hauser. Thank you for sponsoring this show by going to our. Og jian anderson hauser website which you can find a link to in the show notes and register for a monthly giveaway also follow us on linked in and twitter and that contact info you can also find in the show notes. Today we have in a show kris earl. Who is with gyro data. Chris thanks for coming on the show. I appreciate that. Thanks for being here chris. Months ago we had on the podcast. Alain bernard senior vice president of jaro data and he was talking about your gw d which is on crude gyro while drilling operations and of course how this significantly reduces hse risk so. What's your position enroll with the company. They've i'm the north american regional manager and one of the things that i am in charge of what north america is the safety program. So not only. Do i run operations but i run the safety program for north america and then couple of other hats like we all wear these rough times. We've been in the oil field last couple years. So yeah it's not my job phrase. That doesn't go over too well anymore. Does it no sir. Sure doesn't everything has to be our job. Dr davis is a small family. Nick close knit company. That we've always pretty much how that mentality. So so where are you right now. I live in houston. And i work out of the houston office. Does our corporate facility here in houston so north american operations and then all of the corporate support systems work out of houston off. Okay all right so today. We're going to be discussing the general safety culture gyro data for all you. Hse folks out there and and what you guys are are doing to improve safety across your company and your operations so christmas hit three or four bullet points on it. Okay sounds good yeah. There's a few things that we've done over laos You know couple years to really improve our safety stats and culture and one of the things i would say. Dreams is the main thing that we've done is actually adopted. A safety culture you know. Previously in years past safety was always important to eight. it always has been one of the staples that.

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