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Tuesday sees more peaceful protests as police continue to enforce curfews and crack down on looters


Demonstrators defying curfews but there were fewer clashes less chaos on a night of mostly peaceful protests peaceful demonstrations defying curfews remained on the streets of American cities for another night of protests at the eighth night of protests did see less violence fewer police clashes and more acts of civil disobedience unprecedented curfews are in place in Washington DC Atlanta New York City Cleveland and several California cities to dissuade gatherings after a weekend of sometimes violent confrontations and looting but that didn't stop thousands of people from showing up to call for justice of course following the death of George Floyd looters continue to break into stores in New York City late last night and into the morning despite that eight PM curfew but reports indicated that the scene was much calmer than the past few nights thousands of protesters in the city disregarded the strict curfew and took to the extraordinary step to essentially ban cars south of ninety sixth street during the curfew hours according to fox five New

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