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Use promo code race to save ten percent on your first year earlier today president trump talk to reporters about plans for gun reforms I think we have some really meaningful background Jack we don't want people that are mentally ill people that are are sick we don't want them having guns this after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he and president trump and discussed several ideas related to guns since the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and are anxious to get an outcome fourteen year old suburban boys been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a thirteen year old friend the new page county state's attorney's office says the team was released to his parents on home detention following a hearing earlier today authorities say he and three friends were handling firearms Thursday at home in Bensenville when the thirteen year old was shot in the head he later died at a hospital governor first here has signed legislation he says will remove a barrier for teacher candidates and help address a statewide teacher shortage the new law eliminates the requirement the teacher candidates pass a test of basic skills to get an educator license supporters say the test was unnecessary because admission to a teacher preparation program already demonstrated candidates have basic academic skills democratic candidates for president continue to visit the Iowa state fair sample in the food talking politics speaking today presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard detailed her priorities if she's elected this is why it's important to recognize you cannot separate foreign policy from domestic policy it's not just one little issue that sits on the side as we talk about all the other challenges that we face this is why as your president does your commander in chief I'm committed to ending these wasteful wars state fair is the largest concentration of Iowans in one place you can possibly get and candidates eager to break out and build connections with the voting base it's the perfect place to do it about a hundred by one point three million people attend the end of the Iowa state fair economics and SoulCycle gyms are facing customer boycotts because their owner Stephen Ross hosting a high dollar fundraiser for president trump corresponded Christina Alessi says soul cycle's making an effort to distance themselves they're out there today basically telling employees that they're gonna be hosting social justice rides basically free rides the proceeds will be covered by the company and then donated to a charity of the instructors choice trump says he's expected to raise between eleven and twelve million dollars is and in New Jersey for summer vacation at his golf course WLS sports cubs Cincinnati tonight bears lost their first preseason game to the Panthers last night twenty three to thirteen WLOS news.

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