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About trump and lying and make references. I often do to movies. This time to dr strangelove and this scene between george c. Scott and peter sellars general buck turgid. Sinden president muffler. Are you referring to. I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair. Must that sequence of the sequence but the part that always fascinated me is george c. Scott is trying to read this. Transcript of things said by Sterling hayden colonel ripper a general rivers. Use me sorry general ripper jack the ripper. And he's going on about the precious bodily fluids or whatever and peter sellars says lebanon. Let me see that. They hand him that and he looks at it. He says it's obvious. This person is psychotic and what i liked about it yes. It's obvious but not so obvious that it's obvious evidently to me it's obvious the donald trump a psychotic or if you don't wanna use any kind of psycho babble or dsm five nomenclature. He's looney tunes you saying. He's absolutely bat shit crazy and people. Don't talk about it in that way. Well i'm having trouble. Understanding seems inconsistent with that. He said this just before he said that it was p and not p and then something that seemed really off the wall. He's obviously trying to manipulate us in some way. There's there's a hind of craft high in all of this. No no it's looney tunes grip of someone who is bat shit crazy. Hopefully not for long. He's going to be bad shit crazy for long long time. Hopefully we will be subjected to it in the same way that we have during the last four years or so What i try to point out the whining and post can say as lied twenty thousand plus times but to me. That's not the interesting question. The question is what does he think. Does he really believe that. His inauguration crowd was bigger than obama's people. Spend all this amount of time..

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