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Yourself, ask them about the twenty nineteen to reverse at your local so Cal Chevy dealer. Telling me heard about it from Jesse lows on FM. Good evening. This is the countdown yards off night, size of the day, he radios tonight at nine show on the radio brought to you by Adriaan his insurance. The lowest auto insurance rates guaranteed and cars, any driver, Adrianus guy, you covered during the countdown hard summer ticket of today, pests heart summer. Everybody ready for that. Oh my God. Nikita dragon what's happening. Are you are you excited? I am so excited. I'm a little nervous. But thing you push all these buttons is making my whole life right now. Everything's good. Everything's by the way, you said you, she tweeted earlier she goes, can I say this and say that I've got the dump button if you've? So we're gonna have to dump this whole. Makita dragnets hanging onto countdown number nine to Lacey. Number. Goes. Care. Say cheese. Thanks. No. He's. No. Good. I can't be good. Stagich. Stew? Iheartradio night at night with Joe on the radio number. Tonight. Tonight. To get you all. Exactly. With. The stream. Maybe. But. Strike? What do. Strange. Night at night with show on the radio Makita dragon you haven't fun so far. I'm having the best time. We'll just get warmed up Makita dragons in the studio. You won't talk to ring up number seven palsy nightmare two point seven kiss. I've tasted blood and it is. Three. Tested, trusted, bro. Together. The pieces and dick. Skin. Our stock could cut some parts off with some says. Not in a God. No into saw for our eight oh. Moment to say I don't. Jane that on the. No sweet dream that on the head of the nine. No smile. Shaggy matchy, lectu speak. Just let me I've been on the got that, that in mayor. You should do. Abed. Keep in check in basement because this this. Come.

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