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Up fifty eight percent from twenty seventeen that's the news I'm Jack krone good evening nine thirty three on Bob Williams in the KFBK traffic center seats be still the scene of an earlier crash eighty west bound around the area of trucks will road also some construction setting up there so a little bit slow in between Trussell and the five connector the reduced lease a night on highway ninety nine north out from dealer road to grant line road that work goes on through seven AM work to on I five you see quite a bit going on southbound five V. of room on ramp at a pocket road is going to be shut down also reduce lanes on southbound five from fifty to florin road one of four lanes closed down north bound five sing reduce lanes between Siemens and Sir bill road lot of work once you get past highway fifty two as we got reduced lane southbound five from the American river to the capitol mall over crossing and we're seeing some ramp shut down the northbound I. street on rap by five is shut down also work around Richards Boulevard we're seeing the northbound five ridge Boulevard offramp closed and the also looking at the south down five regions Boulevard offramp being close and toss it into for the south bound on ramp riches Boulevard shut down as we're seeing some work starting up we mentioned on I eighty watch for some slowing after Trussell towards I five next update at ten OO three traffic every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Bob Williams news ninety three point one K. of the case mainly clear tonight willow's ranging from forty four to forty eight degrees tomorrow a breezy day with sunshine I seventy one to seventy five.

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