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Fines for teens who Babe in public this comes after the city became the latest in California to ban the sale of vaping products in brick and mortar stores city councilman mark Tanaka tells KNX right now there's no real consequences for students who are caught vaping the fine it has interesting effect which is that you know to find large enough like Mrs on a twenty dollar fine which lost his point how long has caused in spite how twenty dollars to pay something like that but it is a fine large enough that a student would have to probably get potential pay for it what happens is it it brings parental Arness as well to not to says they are still studying the possibility of implementing finds including how they would be in force and how much they would be a staff report is expected early next year the Pasadena Humane Society trying something new is it tries to find homes for the dogs in the animal shelter it's offering people a chance to take a dog home overnight to see how the animal might fit into their family and their lifestyle Jack Hagerman of the Pasadena Humane Society cells K. nexus elder can be an especially stressful environments for dog and a day away can do wonders clearly different side of them in the home environment we should we get to see them being relaxed we get to see them sleeping soundly we get to see them playing and and wanting social interaction where they might not want that here in the shelters the sleepovers go over so well that people post about them on social media than others visit the shelters looking to adopt the dogs if your interested in hosting a dog you sleep over you got to get training class one Saturday we have a link to take an X. ten seventy dot com this year's Palmdale station is asking residents to participate in a digital community survey to gather information about crime in specific neighborhoods and collect feedback about public safety services the department says it got pretty good feedback from its first annual survey in twenty eighteen the new survey which is part of the palm del stations twenty twenty strategic plan collects voluntary and anonymous responses plans ring formulated to build America's first ever hydrogen fueled power plants that would feed energy into Los Angeles city leaders have been pushing for cleaner forms of power according to the times the DWP is behind the move saying the facility in Utah would burn renewable hydrogen instead of natural gas but that's never been done in the country before the planes would starts with a mix of hydrogen and natural gas in twenty twenty five and then transition to a hundred percent hydrogen by twenty forty five more political upheaval in Israel after inconclusive elections in April and September Robert Berger reports from Jerusalem Israel is heading to new elections after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny guns failed to form a government by a midnight deadline Netanyahu was indicted on corruption charges last month but he has vowed to remain in power he will face off again with guns in March the third Israeli election in less than a year Netanyahu can now use his office in the coming months as a bully pulled bolt pull pead sick continue his attacks on prosecutors and police investigators whom he had as accused of staging an attempted coup against him three fifty Joe camel checks your money do you a W. now has a labor deal with all of the big three automakers workers of fiat Chrysler ratified a new labor contract with nearly three quarters of union members voting in favor that agreement includes a nine thousand dollar signing bonus to annual raises of three percent and to lump sum bonuses of four percent people are making more money jobs are plentiful so the federal reserve left interest rates alone today no change expected through the next election the Dow rose twenty nine the nasdaq thirty eight yes the P. nine Walmart will be testing a driverless grocery delivery service using autonomous many cars made by a Silicon Valley startup Nero lululemon's eight straight quarter of double digit sales growth not good enough for wallstreet same store sales were up seventeen percent from a year ago but a weak profit outlook sent lululemon shares down sharply right now talk about biting the.

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