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The situation in Nicaragua worsened. Yesterday after President Daniel Ortega ordered police. To clean up the streets and remove protested, barricades we get more from Steve Kastenbaum the city of messiah has been the epicenter of anti-government protests, from Nicaragua since they began in April people who live in messiah posted videos of social media. Showing groups of armed men moving through the streets tax, protester, barricades Hundreds of members of pro. Daniel Ortega militias went through the streets unencumbered as police sealed, off the city according to local reports some images showed the members of. The paramilitary groups entering homes and. Taking people out at gun point the US State Department issued a strong warning to President Daniel Ortega to stop the violence immediately or face consequences hours earlier, UN secretary General Antonio Gutierrez spoke in neighboring Costa Rica absolute is Lynch yeah, he said, the violence was unacceptable and the death toll, was shocking Gutierrez offered to personally mediate a solution this is the week, people in Nicaragua usually celebrate Ortega and the Sandinistas overthrowing. The dictator Somoza today protesters chant that Ortega and Somoza are the same, thing I'm Steve Kastenbaum despite criticism from President Trump over. The national anthem controversy. The NFL enjoyed record-breaking revenue in two thousand, seventeen TJ Katini has the numbers each NFL team took in two hundred fifty five million dollars a national revenue last, year that according to a financial report released by.

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