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This week's Adam Schefter podcast. It's a special edition of the Adam. Schefter podcast to go along with the one that we earlier this week would be new cowboy's quarterback Andy Dalton in the retired forty niners offensive Lineman Joe Staley the medical director of the NFL PA. Tom Air but this week. We are bringing together a special edition podcast because todd mcshay he great. Espn draft analyst is finally feeling well enough from his battle with Cobra nineteen to come on and publicly speak about it the very first time we had spoken to todd week of the draft but now he has agreed to come on and share his thoughts about what it was like to battle Kobe. Nineteen and where he's at today without further ado the great-aunt mcshea my friend. My colleague Todd mcshay who you've been waiting to hear from for quite some time to last how we spoke. Todd was the Monday before the NFL draft. We thought the draft would go on without a hitch. That was your plan that it didn't so what are we scarred there and say what happened that we that derailed your hopes and hearts that you would be working the NFL draft that week. I was diagnosed with with Cova. N- I had the corona virus and and the scary part is I had a mild case of it and it just lingered because I wasn't taking care of myself. I was preparing for the draft. I had four hundred page book that I distributed internally that we use to for the draft weekend and just the stress of getting ready for the draft and then knowing potentially that I might miss the draft. I think my doctors said that it kind of all added up and I think the most important thing I can say and it sounds like a canned line but my heart goes out everyone that had it as much as I did but certainly worse than I did. I mean there are so many deaths thousands of people on ventilators just fighting for their life and I know the level at the coughing was hard. You know the fever would spike a little bit here and there but the level of exhaustion. I can't even explain to you. Man I mean I was a Massachusetts Kid who went down to Virginia to play football and had two days in August in one hundred degree. Temperatures with ninety seven percent humidity and there were days. I didn't think I was GONNA make it and I'm telling you this was more exhausting. I would I would send a text to Mike Cambria. The Guy He's an executive. Who RUNS THE SCHEDULE? Just trying to check in with him and he respects me right back and I wake up three hours later. If that's how bad it is so I think the most important thing that I can say I just I just feel so terribly for everyone. That's going through this and I'm so grateful for all of the people that that are there in these hospitals working even by my primary care. Physician spent ten days just dealing with this in hospitals. Like it's all hands on deck and it's It's remarkable to see and it's it's tough to to go through entire you. Shed you had modeled case inner mayass. I didn't imagine were key if it was worse. Now where you're not doubt for hours at a time way you're describing right now no I can't and that's that's why I want to you know I'm uncomfortable making this about me. Obviously I missed the draft and we can get into. You know how hard that was but this isn't really about me. It's just it's just about you but this is just essentially. You are one person I was at. I know St- with this virus. You had it so that you know who you are from the great work. You've done a senior on the draft which you weren't on this year. They want you to know what happened. And what it was like and show or a little bit of time here on this particular podcast with all due respect and all apologies. It is about you and I understand. Your thoughts are with other people but I want to hear about you and I wanna hear how dark it was. I WanNa hear our low. You got because I'll bet you there were some low moments that you had during the course of fighting this disease which went on. I might add for weeks. It's it you know so I don't know exactly one when I got it. I know I was diagnosed earlier in the month of April and I thought young enough in relatively decent shape and in better shape than I thought I could fight through it but anyway so we moved with everything going on we moved a TV studio into my office and the Prudential Center in Boston and then two days later the prudential center offices got shut down so then we moved to studio into my apartment and we live in Boston. I've got two children who are four and five and a half years old a wife and a dog and we're in seventeen hundred square feet and they moved the studio and to my my kids playroom. So so my wife was like all right. You're not feeling well. We're we're going to go down to the beach and get away on April first and they left so on April first. I'm here and I'm trying. I'm trying to do hits. I get up in the morning and do a sportscenter. Hit now would go literally atom. Go lay down in bed like face. I in in the my pillow and then set a timer to wake me up to go back to go to get up or whatever the next show us and I was just trying to fight through it and there were a couple of days where I felt like I was getting better and then I just I bottomed out because I just. I didn't take care of myself and I didn't rest. And you know the dark places as I can remember just wrapping myself in a blanket on the couch and you know like when you have the flu kind of shivering and I was coughing and I would just not off for hours at a time and I tried I was trying to get back to producers. I spent fifteen years of the. Espn trying to get on the first. The first night of the draft on on the set and this was like this was the year I finally was going to be on the set with Herbie and Davis and pollick Jesse Palmer I was GONNA be part of that. Abc First Time In fifteen years. And I'm sitting there fighting doing everything I can to try to get there but I just couldn't do it and you and I talked. I just wasn't lucid and I thought I was but I wasn't and then I would send a text can and and then he would text me back as I said before I get back to him. Four or five hours later. He's a bud. You know Miss Three shows so just I was just gone and it got really dark in the hospital when I was just by myself and I knew the draft was going on and I couldn't watch it. I didn't watch the draft until Saturday night. I woke up late that night and there was a re air and I started watching it then because I knew it was over and I for whatever reason I just. I couldn't watch the draft knowing that I wasn't being a part of it wasn't on it and I felt like I was letting everyone down. Union wash the dress until after it was over on replay may ninety two or three. Am I woke up and turned on ESPN and they were running a re a replay to watch it at that time picked up pick seven and at that point. I had let go to be honest and I gained perspective because I was so sick and I was starting to feel better and and so I had let go and I could finally watch it. I wasn't watching it like I would. If I was sitting on the set or or a part of it I was just interested in who the first six or seven picks for and it was a very different view viewing experience I was starting to get a little energy back and I was finally interested in it and not and had let go of like being a part of it. You know it just. I spent eleven months of the year hearing up and working towards that draft weekend and it was. I don't know why I just I could not watch it when it was live for some reason. So what did you do? While the draft was unfolding Thursday night Friday night into Saturday night arrested. I slept and I watched some terrible shows. Whatever whatever I could find on the limited limited cable that I had the hospital so and I just I I would scroll pass the ESPN and ABC just to find something else like I watch magnum. Pi at one point. But that's how bad things were just just to avoid watching it. I can't explain it I just. I just couldn't bring myself to watch. It live knowing that I wasn't there in a part of it. It would hurt that much to watch it. Yeah was exactly. It was exactly. Yeah it was. It's it's my thing it's what I do. It would be like. I don't know free agency for you if all of a sudden and I think what would be like. Is someone spending a year putting together a book or and getting ready to have publish and then when it's coming out ready all there at the end they can't be a part of it right sitting the only way acquainted. I three. There's other things that happened now. That's not really apropos. In your particular you build up to this up to this buildup to this work on this prospect that prospects it goes on all year long all leading up to this three day period in April really the entire month of April. Let's be honest right. Because there's a report programming net goes up but the culmination of it all is those three days and on those. You can't do it right and I'm sitting here sitting there staring at because I pulled out my my draft books and was you know one of them's team. Based in what the team needs are and all those things and the other one is like four hundred ten or four hundred fifteen pages of just every page as a as a breakdown on each player. And I'm staring at the books tonight again. I. I just couldn't open them up and I couldn't watch the shows because I it just it hurt man. It's the best way I can describe it. It's just it sucked it. It was so hard knowing that you guys were all there. The support I got was amazing but just knowing you guys were all. They're doing it and part of it and then I just couldn't pull through mother a few things you touched on but I want to get to. You mentioned that your wife and two children and dog left on April First Yup. How long were you all part? Are you back together now? I'm heading down there to see them today for the first time since.

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