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With the mortgage you have you get a really good offer irma take it take their money they want to throw money your way you take jason joins us on the clark howard show hello jason clark how're you doing i'm doing well and you wonderful thank you how can be serviced them concerning the twenty five or less employs when seeking employment with the company and come to a roadblock and searching for that that metric if you will excuse me advice on that i have to extremely low tech ways that i like for you to find those needle in a haystack smaller employers where be the real opportunity typically comes the first one is to go to business parks you know nondescript office warehouse kind of places and there'll be so many businesses there on the directory and those places have directories in their parking lots because a lot of delivery people can't find a particular business right down the names of the businesses that are listed on those business park directories and then go back home and get on the internet and figure out who those people are now that's pretty mixed up it's pretty low tech right although i did say you're actually using the internet but it starts off with you driving around looking for businesses i'm love the business parks because a lot of times that's where you'll find businesses that suddenly had just taken off you know they may have started off with a small space that they expand expand expand and usually the way you can tell in a business park that a business is going through kind of an unwieldy in rapid expansion is when a lot of their expansion space is to the far to the west or far to the right of their front entrance because as people move out they just take more and more spaces Very good. That's number one. Number two. i'm love for people looking for smaller non publicly traded companies to look in the local business newspaper the biggest player in that is biz turnovers and in the area you're seeking employment go to biz dot com and see if they've got a publication in your area and subscribe to it just for few months or whatever so you can see all the companies in there that our companies you haven't heard of that are small non publicly traded mid sized non publicly traded companies that could be opportunities for work that sounds great clark thank you very much advice got one other thing for you about biz journals and a lot of their markets once a year they do something called the book of lists and its businesses categorized in a metro area in all different kinds of ways that are.

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