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Hope all right no problem it it's always a pleasure coming on paul you you know that you do a great job voting sec and talking about real issues college sports i always love the list listening to paul finebaum show podcast ben is up next in jacksonville florida hello ben hey how's it going today oh we're doing great thank you very much for the call all right well i'm just going to get down to actually been from rock hill i've called in several times just moved down here to jacksonville a few months ago and i'm kind of having an issue with meeting a girl down here i'm at tennessee fan and alumni gruesome the florida gator fans and it's just really not what okay hold on say let's start because this is something i have always wanted to do many years ago do you remember dr ruth we did an interview in our old studio with dr ruth dr ruth was this relationship she was a relationship expert that got very personal in very graphic and after talking to dr issues about three feet tall i don't even know she still i always say you know that would be cool to have one of those late night relationship welcome to the program play a little jazz in the background so ben let's start here and this is my first shot at this may be a little rusty okay the question was your you move from rock hill which is in south carolina not far from the north carolina border to jacksonville which is a big city big city a lot of gator fans lot fsu fans a lot of georgia fans right.

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